Jimmy P’s Charred Review Naples

Jimmy P’s Charred Review Naples…

Jimmy P’s offers exceptional quality food. Comparable to restaurant on 5th, you cannot fail to be impressed by their exceptional meats.

This restaurant is humble. The service is ok, the dining room is more diner than ‘Michelin star’ – but the food is excellent, in fact the meats and fish are 5*.

Let’s be clear, it’s not cheap. Steaks are $40-$90. We’re talking Vegas or NY prices.

I was disappointed in 2019 that they wanted to charge me $12 for a salad in exchange for my fries (and no bun) for my $41 burger – this is ludicrous. $41 people! I won’t be going back – which is a shame as the steak was the best I’ve ever had! Classless & arrogant.

Book early. This is one of the most popular restaurants in Naples. It was full throughout our visit.

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Here’s our YouTube video review:

The food is exceptional and as you can see from the butchers, sourced from the finest farmers.

We started with the scallops last year we had 3, this year there’s only two – and the price has increased!

Has this restaurant got a little cocky and over confident? It had certainly changed from last year in my view.

Perfect texture, temperature and gorgeous but not overwhelming topping & sauce…

As you enter through the front doors, you will know that you have arrived in the finest steak and chop house when the sweet smoky air from the in- house smoker reaches your nose.

The visible adjacent butcher shop allows our guests to see the action of their expert meat cutters readying the evening’s special cuts.

They offer a few seats in the butcher shop for the casual lunch crowd.

Meanwhile, the new space will offer room to allow all of our quests to enjoy a daytime or evening meal at a comfortable table.


Book early for CHARRED – it was completely full last night and tonight! Remarkable!

Located just 5 minutes drive from 5th Ave on the main road through Naples.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 22nd Jan 2019.