John Barrowman Marriage To Scott

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s John Barrowman Interview About Husband Scott…..

Hear Belfield’s Exclusive and in-depth 40 minute chat with John Barrowman.

In July 2013 John married his partner Scott Gill. Hear why Scott is so important to Barrowman’s life and career.

Find out about a life on stage, on screen and Starring in some of the biggest shows including Torchwood & Dr. Who.

John tells all about his childhood, moving to America, his incredible work ethic and rise to mega-stardom.

John Barrowman new album 2014 John Barrowman You Raise Me Up new album 2w014 John Barrowman Life Story Interview with Alex Belfield

John Barrowman and Alex interview PART 1:

John’s new album has everything you would expect and hope for from this West End leading man and Torchwood legend.

He is the epitome of a Broadway Star with his signature musical tone and delivery.

Part 2:

His power, control and perfect pitch makes him unsurprisingly the biggest Star of the West End since Michael Ball. He similarly has a remarkably loyal and significant fan base.

With hits including ‘Skyscraper’, ‘Mandy’, ‘Bridge Of Troubled Water’, This is the moment’ and more – you’ll be sure to sing along.

Barrowman is an openly gay actor, TV host and Entertainer who married his partner Scott Gill in 2013.

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Recorded 2008 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.