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John Waters is the world renowned American film director, screenwriter, actor, stand-up comedian, journalist, visual artist, and art collector, who rose to fame in the early 1970s for his transgressive, controversial and cult films.

Waters dabbled in mainstream filmmaking and his biggest hit became Hairspray (1988), which introduced Ricki Lake and earned a modest gross of $8 million in the States. In 2002, Hairspray was adapted to a long-running Broadway musical, which itself was adapted to a hit musical film that earned more than $200 million worldwide.

Most recently Waters has released a book called ‘This Filthy World’ which he has turned into a hugely successful stand-up comedy show. John returns to the UK with shows this November….

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Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Alex Belfield and John Waters:

After the crossover success of the original film version of Hairspray, Waters’s films began featuring familiar actors and celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Edward Furlong, Melanie Griffith, Chris Isaak, Johnny Knoxville, Martha Plimpton, Christina Ricci, Lili Taylor, Kathleen Turner, and Tracey Ullman.

Although he maintains apartments in New York City and San Francisco, and a summer home in Provincetown, Waters still mainly resides in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, where all his films are set. Many of his films take place in a neighborhood called Hampden. He is recognizable by his trademark pencil moustache, a look he has retained since the early 1970s.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio September 24th 2014.