Julian Clary Exclusive Life Story Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Julian Clary Exclusive Life Story Interview……

Julian Clary is one of the UK’s most loved, controversial and enteraining comedians EVER! From Fanny the wonder dog to Strictly, Julian continually re-invents himself and has been on our TV’s for over 30 years!

Julian talks about everything from living next door to Paul O’Grady to buying a new dog.

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Clary most spectacularly nearly ended is career due to the ‘Fisting Norman Lamont’ gag at the Comedy Awards. Here’s how he felt about the one liner that almost drove him to suicide:

In 2012 Julian released his latest book ‘Briefs Encountered’.

Belfield met Julian and sat down for an exclusive 30 minute chat;

After a number of appearances on Friday Night Live in the mid-late 1980s, Clary co-hosted the short-lived ITV game show Trick or Treat in 1989 with Mike Smith, before achieving greater success later that year with his own high-camp Channel 4 gameshow, Sticky Moments with Julian Clary.

More a vehicle for his brand of humour than a genuine gameshow, Sticky Moments was a light-hearted “non-quiz” satire, with him often awarding points because he liked the contestants, rather than because they possessed a particular skill or aptitude.

He later starred in the 1992 audience participation sitcom Terry and Julian with Lee Simpson, again for Channel 4. His next series was the BBC’s studio-based All Rise for Julian Clary in 1996, in which he played a judge in a mock courtroom setting.

In 1992, he played a cameo guest star part in the BBC drama, Virtual Murder. In his episode, “A Dream of Dracula”, he played an undertaker, alongside other guest stars including Alfred Marks, Jill Gascoine, Ronald Fraser and Peggy Mount. He also appeared in an episode of the improvisational comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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