KA Imperial Experience VIP Booth MGM

KA Imperial Experience VIP Booth MGM Grand….

There’s a brand new experience in 2018 at KA by Cirque Du Soleil @ the world famous MGM Grand. You can now be treated like a MEGA-STAR with their new VIP ‘KA Imperial Experience’ package.

From the moment you arrive you’ll be treated like a King and personally escorted, via a private elevator, to your own exclusive VIP booth.

With TV’s, cocktail service, a lounge area and 7 seats to watch the show – you’ll have an unrivalled view and the night of your life @ MGM Grand. Up to 12 people can use this spacious lounge.

You arrive 45 minutes before the performance and enter the enormous and spectacular showroom before everyone else. There is only one VIP booth – none of the other 2000 people at KA will have an experience like yours!

Once in the VIP area you’ll overlook this sensational show giving a unique perspective on the BIGGEST and most MIND BLOWING production on earth! It’s very special…


Enjoy our HD VIDEO walkthrough of the VIP Lounge & review @ KA:

The Imperial Experience at KÀ offers unrivalled perspective of the BIGGEST stage and show on earth!

You’ll sit 30 feet above the audience, in complete privacy, and overlook the entire theatre.

You have a completely unobstructed view of the performance, surrounding set and even into the depths of the massive and ever-moving stage.

Don’t worry about missing the immersive experience, the HD 3D / 360 sound throughout the VIP area is second to none.

KÀ’s Imperial Experience starts at $385 and can be purchased for either of the nightly performances through the direct link above.

The night begins perfectly with a special artist meet-and-greet and an opportunity to pose for a commemorative photo taken by a professional photographer.

You’ll be give a beautiful folder with two photos at the end of the show….

So, to the show. Well, KA by Cirque Du Soleil is simply:

* The biggest production in the world!

* The most breathtakingly impressive production in the world!

* The most epic & immersive production in the world!

* The most technically impressive show in the world!

This is a 5* masterpiece!

Book tickets for GET TICKETS HERE!

It’s also….

* The most visually stimulating & moving production in the world!

* The most spectacular, compelling and nerve wracking production in the world!

* THE show you HAVE to see whilst visiting Las Vegas!

It does have to be said though that some people just don’t ‘get it’ because of the ludicrous scale.

This is Cirque at their grandest. Don’t over think it, simply be wowed by the magnitude and brilliance of the staging and the pure talent of the performers!

KA has the biggest and most technical brilliant stage(s) in the WORLD….

KA Cirque Du Soleil Stage Best Show In the World Las Vegas MGM Grand

Get the idea? We love KA! This was one of the most magical nights I’ve ever had in a theatre!

KÀ by Cirque du Soleil tells a heroic tale of twins who embark on an adventurous journey to fulfil their destinies.

You will witness some of the most innovative, gravity-defying feats ever performed as danger lies in wait for the twins at every turn.

Rivals spin through the air in a captivating display of perpendicular acrobatics and aerial adventure.

The sound is sensational, the light show is breath taking and the effects, height and technical brilliance will leave you speechless!

The pyro is exhilarating.

There is literally no other show on this scale anywhere the world. Where outside of Las Vegas could they afford to stage this production?

The word ‘epic’ is way over used but KA should be the dictionary definition.

It’s definitely beyond epic – it’s off the scale in terms of production. Even the theatre will impress you before the show even begins!

You cannot fail to be impressed by the creativity, dedication and sheer tenacity it must have taken to get this show on stage.

They seem to have worked out what is impossible and made it happen for MGM – that is inspiring!

The music is also paramount to this shows success. It is anthemic, the staging is incredible and the enormity of the 360 degree revolving stage is mind blowing.

$ for $ / £ for £ – KA is worth every penny!

You can literally see the £165 / $200 million production cost in front of your eyes.

Do not miss KA at MGM Grand! You’ll have memories for life.

Simply the most stunning theatrical production in the world!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 23rd May 2018.

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