Kailyn Lowry Seemingly Slips & Confirms Birth of Baby No. 5 During Podcast Interview

Prashant Kumar

Kailyn Lowry Seemingly Slips & Confirms Birth of Baby No. 5 During Podcast Interview

Kailyn Lowry, a familiar face from the popular reality TV show “Teen Mom 2, hinted at the birth of her fifth child during a podcast interview, sparking excitement among fans.

The Podcast

The 31-year-old star, who has been hesitant to confirm the birth of her fifth child, seemed to unintentionally let slip the news during the latest episode of her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast with Vee Torres.

 In conversation with guest Aurora Culpo of The Culpo Sisters, Lowry mentioned watching an episode of a TLC show while being in the hospital for childbirth. The unexpected comment left Aurora and listeners taken aback as Lowry continued to share details without pausing for an explanation. The accidental slip has left fans and media outlets buzzing with anticipation for more information about the newest addition to Lowry’s family.

Previous Pregnancies and Children

Before the recent announcement, Kailyn Lowry had already embraced the role of a mother to four sons. Her firstborn, Isaac(13-year-old) Elliot Rivera, entered the world in 2010 during her relationship with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera. In 2013, her second son, Lincoln Marshall Marroquin(9-year-old Lincoln), was welcomed into the family with her former husband, Javi Marroquin. Lux Russell Lowry, her third son, arrived in 2017, with Chris Lopez being the father. Lastly, in 2020, Kailyn joyfully introduced her fourth son, Creed Romello Lowry, also fathered by Chris Lopez.

Although Kailyn has remained tight-lipped about her pregnancy, refusing to confirm it, insiders disclosed to the U.S. Sun in February that she had given birth to her fifth child, another son, in November 2022.

According to an insider quoted by the outlet, “Kailyn gave birth to a baby boy on November 20 with Elijah. She has only told close family and friends.” Interestingly, The Sun noted that Kailyn took an enigmatic two-week break from her podcast during the latter half of November, citing the reason as spending quality time with her sons.

Fans’ Reactions and Speculations

The recent slip-up by Kailyn Lowry has ignited a flurry of reactions and speculations among her dedicated fan base. The clip from the podcast interview spread rapidly on social media, particularly on the Teen Mom Shade Room’s Instagram account, where fans eagerly engaged in the comments section. 

One fan shared, “At this point, I don’t think she cares if we know; she just doesn’t want to talk about it openly.” This sentiment reflects that Kailyn Lowry values her privacy but isn’t necessarily concerned about fans knowing about the new addition to her family. 

Another follower said, “She doesn’t care what we all think. She’s keeping this one private.” This perspective highlights the belief that Kailyn has intentionally chosen to keep this aspect of her life from the public eye. Amidst the discussions, a sense of humour prevailed among some fans. 

One fan humorously remarked, “Kail done slipped up again,” accompanied by a row of laughing emojis. The comment alludes to Kailyn’s history of unintentionally revealing details before making an official announcement. Another playful analysis suggested “Longest soft launch in history,” emphasising the anticipation surrounding the arrival of more factual information.

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