Kate Bush Net Worth

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Kate Bush Net Worth

Kate Bush, English singer-songwriter and record Producer, has carved a unique niche in the music world. As an English singer-songwriter, she has captivated audiences for decades, blending her distinctive vocal style with innovative songwriting and production techniques. From her iconic hit “Wuthering Heights” to her recent contributions, Bush’s musical journey has been legendary. 

Beyond her artistic achievements, a notable buzz exists around her financial standing. Recent years have witnessed a significant surge in her net worth, particularly with the resurgence of her classic tracks in popular culture. This renewed interest underscores her timeless appeal and highlights her enduring influence in the ever-evolving music industry. In this article, We explore Kate Bush’s Net Worth.

What is the net worth of Kate Bush?

According to recent reports, Kate Bush’s net worth is estimated at around $60 to $70 million. This impressive sum is an accumulation of various revenue streams. While a significant portion comes from her music sales, albums and singles, she also benefits from merchandise, live performances, and licensing deals.

Kate Bush Net Worth 2023$70 million
Kate Bush Net Worth 2022$64 million
Kate Bush Net Worth 2021$58 million
Kate Bush Net Worth 2020$52 million

Earnings from “Stranger Things” Feature: The resurgence of “Running Up That Hill” in “Stranger Things” not only bolstered her popularity but also had a direct impact on her earnings. With the song’s streams skyrocketing, it’s estimated that Kate was earning approximately £250,000 ($300,800) per week at the height of the song’s renewed popularity. This surge made her one of the most streamed artists during that period, leading to substantial royalty inflows.

Ownership of Music Copyrights: One of the critical aspects of Kate Bush’s financial success lies in her ownership of her music copyrights. Unlike many artists who might not retain full rights to their tracks, Kate owns the entire recording copyright to many of her songs, including “Running Up That Hill.” This means that she receives a significant portion, often upwards of 80%, of the recorded music royalties generated by her tracks. This ownership ensures that she benefits directly and substantially from any surge in popularity, be it from features in shows, movies, or commercials.

Kate Bush Biography

Born on a summer day, July 30, 1958, in the picturesque county of Kent, England, Kate Bush was destined for musical greatness. From a tender age, the melodies of her surroundings resonated with her, shaping her early inclinations towards music. Influenced by her family’s musical background and the rich tapestry of English folk and popular music, Kate began to craft her sonic narratives.

It was in 1978 that the world was introduced to her haunting voice with the release of “Wuthering Heights.” Inspired by the classic novel, this song showcased her unique vocal range and ability to weave literary themes into her music. It wasn’t just a song; it was a statement announcing the arrival of a prodigious talent.

Following the success of “Wuthering Heights,” Kate released her debut album, setting the stage for a series of musical masterpieces that would define her career. Each album was a testament to her evolving artistry, blending genres and experimenting with sound in ways ahead of her time.

The 1980s, in particular, marked a golden era for Kate. With each release, she solidified her place in the music industry, moving from strength to strength. Her songs weren’t just hits; they were cultural phenomena that influenced a generation of artists and music enthusiasts. As the decade progressed, Kate Bush transitioned from a promising young artist to a defining voice of her era.

Kate Bush Quick Facts Table

Date of Birth 30 July 1958
Age 63 years old
Place of birthWelling, United Kingdom
Spouse Dan McIntosh (m. 1992)
ProfessionEnglish singer-songwriter
SiblingsJohn Carder Bush, Paddy Bush
Kids Albert McIntosh

Kate Bush Notable Achievements

Kate Bush’s illustrious career is adorned with many hit albums and singles that have not only charted globally but also left an indelible mark on the music industry. Albums like “The Kick Inside,” “Hounds of Love,” and “The Sensual World” are testament to her unparalleled artistry, each resonating with fans and critics alike. Singles such as “Running Up That Hill,” “Babooshka,” and “The Man with the Child in His Eyes” have become anthems, transcending time and continuing to inspire listeners.

Beyond her music, Kate’s influence permeates the works of countless artists across genres. Her innovative approach to songwriting, production, and performance has inspired many musicians, from pop to indie, rock to electronica. Artists like Florence Welch, Tori Amos, and even the enigmatic Björk have cited Kate as pivotal in their musical journeys.

In recognition of her contributions to music, Kate has been showered with numerous awards and accolades. While Grammy nominations have acknowledged her prowess on an international scale, it’s not just the music community that has recognised her genius. In a nod to her significant impact on British culture, Kate was honoured with the title Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE). This prestigious recognition, awarded by the British monarchy, underscores her lasting legacy and unparalleled contributions to music and beyond.

Kate Bush Personal Life and Lifestyle

While Kate Bush’s music has always been in the limelight, she has managed to keep her personal life relatively private, a testament to her desire to separate her public persona from her private self. Here’s a glimpse into the life of this enigmatic artist:

Family: Kate Bush shares her life with guitarist Danny McIntosh, who has been married since 1992. Their bond is not just limited to their relationship; they share a deep connection through music, with Danny often collaborating with Kate on various projects. Together, they have a son named Albert McIntosh, born in 1998. Albert, also known as Bertie, has followed in his mother’s footsteps, showcasing his musical talents and performing alongside her during live performances.

Residence: Nestled in the serene landscapes of South Oxfordshire, Kate Bush owns a stunning property that she reportedly purchased in 2017 for £6.5 million (approximately $7.8 million). This residence in a village near Abingdon offers her the tranquility and privacy she cherishes. The property’s sprawling grounds and elegant architecture reflect her refined taste and love for nature.

Lifestyle and Interactions: Kate Bush leads a surprisingly low-key lifestyle despite her global fame. She is known to be a resident who blends seamlessly into the village community. Local anecdotes suggest that she often interacts with her neighbours, sharing simple moments like having tea. Despite her celebrity status, this grounded approach to life endears her to many.


Has Kate Bush made money?

Kate Bush, the renowned singer, raked in $2.3 million in earnings following the surge in popularity of her 1985 hit “Running Up That Hill” after it was prominently featured in the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things,” which introduced her to a whole new generation of fans, mainly through its association with the character Max Mayfield.

How much did Netflix pay Kate Bush?

Netflix’s popular series, Stranger Things, has breathed new life into Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill,’ with recent reports suggesting that its inclusion in the show has garnered her a substantial $2.3 million.

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