Kate Robbins TV Interview 2019

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Kate Robbins TV Interview 2019…

Kate Robbins is an English actress, comedian, singer and songwriter. She came to prominence in the early 1980s when she scored a No.2 hit on the UK Charts with the song “More Than in Love”, while she was appearing in the TV soap opera Crossroads.

She went on to become a prolific voice actress, most notably for nine years with the satirical show Spitting Image.

In 2019 Kate is touring with Club Tropicana. BOOK TICKETS HERE!

Enjoy an exclusive interview with Kate, Joe McElderry & Alex via YouTube:

This one is tricky. Club Tropicana The Musical is possibly the best / worst musical I’ve ever seen!

It’s brilliantly mindless and uplifting ‘fun’ – but equally low rent camp old nonsense.

There’s been literally no expense spent on the set, band, costumes or lighting but equally the 80’s soundtrack is infinitely feel-good and the cast work their arses off to sell this pointless, yet familiar, story.

Joe McElderry is an exhaustingly pathologically cheerful but still shines vocally. He’s truly one of the most impressive stars of his generation.

Kate Robbins arguably steals and drives the show magnificently as the comic lead. Joe, Kate and the pure energy of this insanely young and delicious cast are worth a visit for sure.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 10th July 2019.