Keith Elliot Greenberg Interview – The Day John Lennon Died

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Keith Elliot Greenberg Interview – The Day John Lennon Died…..

Keith has written a brand new book telling the story of Lennon’s last day 30 years ago in New York.

Belfield talks to Keith just yards from the Dakota where he was killed by Mark Chapman.

Keith Elliot Greenberg is a New York Times best-selling author, and television producer.

He was born in the Bronx in 1959, and went to Bayside High School in Queens, graduating in January 1977. He attended a number of colleges in the New York area.

The Day John Lennon Died Keith Elliot Greenberg Interview BBC Interview Keith Elliot Greenberg Keith Elliot Greenberg Interview

Recorded in Central Park New York in December 2010, here’s author Keith Elliot Greenberg….

His many books include Menudo, To Be the Man, Erik is Homeless, and Zack’s Story.

In November 2010, Backbeat Books released December 8, 1980: The Day John Lennon Died, Greenberg’s minute-by-minute account of the last day of John Lennon’s life.

He has written articles for WWE magazine, Playboy, Men’s Journal, The Huffington Post’ Maxim and The Village Voice. He previously produced Geraldo at Large, a prime-time television program on Fox News Channel, and America’s Most Wanted. He now works at NBC’s Peacock Productions, producing primarily hour-long crime programs.

In December 2010, St. Martins Press released Love Hurts, the story of the Caffey family murder in rural Texas and Greenberg’s second true-crime book for the publisher.

His first was Perfect Beauty, about a murder in Ohio. He is currently researching his third St. Martins true-crime book about a crime in Orange County, California.

In 2015, two of his books are being published, Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die, about the death of James Dean, and the cult that surrounds it (Hal Leonard/Applause Books), and a long awaited autobiography of former WWE Champion, the Iron Sheik (ECW Press).

Recorded 2010 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio and the BBC.