Kellie Maloney Exclusive Life Story Interview 2016

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Kellie Maloney Exclusive Life Story Interview 2016…

Maloney is the former boxing manager and promoter who managed Lennox Lewis to the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the World.

In August 2014, Frank Maloney announced publicly that she wished to be known as “Kellie” and that she was undertaking gender reassignment.

Maloney was married for over 15 years to second wife Tracey; they have two daughters.

Maloney has a daughter from her first marriage and is a supporter of Millwall Football Club.

Maloney said in her first televised interview as an open trans woman that she and Tracey are now divorced, but that she has been “very supportive”.

In 2014 Kellie entered the Celebrity Big Brother and described her time as ‘rehab’.

Her new book ‘Frankly Kellie’ is available now in paperback below via Amazon.

Interview Kellie Maloney Kellie Maloney Interview Transgender 

Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Alex Belfield and Kellie in Feb 2016….

Twice-married Maloney, who as boxing promoter Frank helped Lennox Lewis to become world heavyweight champion, says her eyes were bleeding, and she resembled Frankenstein’s Monster after the surgery in Antwerp.

Kellie Maloney Alex Belfield Interview

She was in intensive care for four days after the operation, and needed specialist equipment to help her to breathe.

Interview recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 3rd Feb 2016.