Ken Dodd 60 Years @ Showbiz Interview 2014

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Ken Dodd 60 Years In Showbiz Interview Sept 27th 1954 Life Story……..

In 2014 Ken Dodd celebrates 60 years in show business.

He first took to the stage in 1954 at the Nottingham Empire and has performed more Live shows than anyone else in the UK ever since.

Born in Knotty Ash in Liverpool, Doddy has had number 1 singles and albums, top rated radio series and over 30 million tuned into his BBC1 Christmas Special in the late 60’s.

Ken Dodd 60th Anniversary Alex Belfield BBC Interview Ken Dodd 2014 Interview 60 Years in Show Business (4) Ken Dodd 60th Anniversary Alex Belfield BBC Interview

This man has spent more hours on stage than any other celebrity in showbiz.

Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Alex & Doddy recorded August 31st 2014 at the Leeds Grand Theatre:

With multi-million selling DVD’s including ‘An Audience With Ken Dodd’ and the ‘Ken Dodd Happiness Show’ – Kenneth Arthur Dodd is without question one of the UK’s highest grossing, longest serving and most successful comedian in history.

His ability to ad-lib is stunning. A lady heckles in the audience and he shouts back “Are you one of the multi-tasking wives? One of those Swiss Army Wives?” – so clever.

Enjoy Alex Belfield’s 40 Minute Radio Documentary ‘Ken Dodd’s Self Assessment’ telling Ken’s life story in his own words taken from 20 years of BBC interviews…..

Ken is renowned for for his sizably length performances….often topping more than 5 hours. I saw him on August 31st 2014 – he started at 6pm and come off shortly after 11pm. Unbelievable at 86.

He was awarded the OBE by Queen Elizabeth II in 1982 for services to show business and charity.

Dodd was made an honorary fellow of the University of Chester on 4 November 2009, having been awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters at a graduation ceremony in Chester Cathedral.

Here’s Alex & Doddy 2014:

Alex Belfield Ken Dodd Interview 2014 Ken Dodd Alex Belfield Interview Alex Belfield Ken Dodd interview 2014

His doctorate was presented by Gerald Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster. He was awarded a Doctorate of Letters at Liverpool Hope University on 25 January 2010 during the university’s Foundation Day celebrations.

Throughout Doddy’s show, which features ‘Spec’ acts of musicians, magicians and even a wonderful act who plays every string instrument going, Ken sings his many hits including ‘Love Is Like A Violin’, ‘The River’ and ends with his best known hit ‘Happiness’.

Here’s Ken Dodd’s finale of Happiness in front and behind the curtain…

Dodd was born on 8 November 1927 in Knotty Ash, Liverpool, Lancashire, the son of a coal merchant, Arthur Dodd and wife Sarah (née Gray).

He had an older brother, William (1925–2011). He went to the Knotty Ash School, and sang in the local church choir of St John’s Church, Knotty Ash.

At the age of seven, he was dared by his school friends to ride his bike with his eyes shut. He accepted the dare, crashed, and received facial injuries which resulted in his distinctive buck teeth.

Here’s Ken Dodd’s moving Live rendition of Absent Friends:

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