Ken Morley Life Story Interview CBB Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Exclusive Ken Morley Life Story Interview CBB Celebrity Big Brother….

Alex Belfield was honoured to interview the men behind Reg Holdsworth & Curly Watts on Coronation Street.

In Jan 2015 Ken Morley / Reg Holdsworth entered C5’s Celebrity Big Brother House!

We travelled to Granada Studios in Manchester to talk to these two soap opera legends about their remarkable life and careers.

Reginald “Reg” Holdsworth – played by Ken Morley – was the manager of Bettabuys and Firman’s Freezers to Curly Watts’ assistant manager from 1989 to 1995.

Reg had an inflated opinion of himself, both professionally and personally. Eccentric, pompous and vain, Reg had an eye for the ladies but his ostentatious personality was enough to put off any sane woman.

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Norman “Curly” Watts – played by Kevin Kennedy – was manager of the Weatherfield branches of Bettabuys, Firman’s Freezers and Freshco.

He lived in Coronation Street from 1983 to 2003, most of that time as a bachelor until his marriages to Raquel Wolstenhulme and Emma Taylor.

Enjoy a rare, in-depth interview with Kevin and Ken @ Corrie…..

Here’s Alex Ken and Kevin in Manchester 2011…

Recorded 2011 @ Granada ITV by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio and the BBC