Kevin Kennedy Interview – Pop We Will Rock You

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Kevin Kennedy Interview – Pop We Will Rock You…..

Kevin shot to fame as Curly Watts on Coronation Street. Since leaving he’s appeared across the UK in various productions and most recently toured as ‘Pop’ in WWRY.

In 2011 Kevin arrived in the West End to Star in this unique role as a roady & groupy!

Kevin Kennedy & Ken Morley Interview ~ Reg & Curly Coronation Street Reg And Curly Coronation Street ~ Ken Morley & Kevin Kennedy Interview and Life Story Kevin Kennedy & Alex Belfield We Will Rock You

Hear an interview from 14/5/2012 at the WWRY 10th Anniversary Concert

Here’s Kevin and Alex Belfield….

He returned to Coronation Street a few months later, before being written out in September 2003. In an interview in 2009, Kennedy said that he would consider a return to the show[4] and it was later confirmed that he would film scenes for its 50th anniversary DVD.

Kennedy was the writer and producer of the 2005 television series Spanish Capers. A second series was recorded in 2006-07 for Sky Television plc.

In 2009, Kennedy played the part of ageing hippie “Pop” in the touring production of Ben Elton’s We Will Rock You[6] before joining the cast of the West End London production in 2010.

He also appeared in the 2009 “Scent from Heaven?” advert for Daz, as part of the company’s “Cleaner Close” campaign.

In 2010, Kennedy, along with several other Coronation Street stars, contributed to Trisha Ward’s album Rogues, Angels, Heroes and Fools, recorded for the 50th anniversary of the TV series.

He is a massive supporter of Manchester City. He serves as director of Addiction Management UK Ltd with his wife Clare, the Brighton-based organisation’s CEO, offering a “professional advice service to the business sector.

Recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.