Kim Kardashian Deletes Daughter North West’s TikTok Video: Says Ex-Husband Kanye Was Right

Prashant Kumar

Kim Kardashian Deletes Daughter North West’s TikTok Video: Says Ex-Husband Kanye Was Right

Celebrities are under constant scrutiny, with even their social media posts being closely analysed by millions of fans and media outlets. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian caused a stir on social media platforms when she removed her daughter North West’s TikTok video.

The incident 

The video had been uploaded on their joint TikTok account, drawing criticism from many of Kim’s supporters and prompting Kanye West to voice his concerns publicly. Kim’s portrayal in the video depicted her as rapper Ice Spice, complete with her trademark curly red hair, while she performed her famous track ‘Boy’s A Liar, Pt 2’. Observant fans were swift to highlight the explicit nature of the song’s lyrics.

As soon as I saw the words, I was like, ‘Oh no, we’re taking this down’,” the 42-year-old told Time Magazine on Tuesday.

“I saw on the internet (people saying), ‘Kanye was right,’ and maybe he was in that instance,” she added.

After removing a TikTok video featuring her eldest daughter, North West, reality TV star Kim Kardashian, she acknowledged that her former husband, Kanye West, had a valid point.

Kanye West’s Concerns

In 2021, Ms Kardashian filed for divorce from Mr West after being married for seven years. In the following years, the rapper strongly disapproved of the reality TV star for allowing their daughter, North West, to have a TikTok presence.

 Kanye previously expressed concerns about his daughter being exposed to social media at a young age. He feared the scrutiny and criticism could harm North’s mental and emotional health.

In February 2022, Kanye criticised Kardashian on his social media platform for allowing their daughter on TikTok without his consent. It’s worth noting that Kanye had previously married Yeezy employee Bianca Censori in a non-legally-binding ceremony in January.

Kim’s Response

In an interview with Time Magazine, Ms Kardashian acknowledged that integrating her children into her business ventures is a process of trial and error. While she hasn’t mastered the art of merging the two, she firmly believes that her daughter should not be prohibited from using social media.

Expressing her support for her daughter’s creativity, Ms Kardashian mentioned how North enjoys creating slime videos and hair tutorials. She stated her determination to fight for her daughter’s ability to express herself.

In a candid discussion on Jay Shetty’s podcast, Ms Kardashian opened up about her challenges as a single mother raising her children. She described parenting as one of her life’s most demanding yet rewarding aspects. Admitting that there are nights when she finds herself in tears, overwhelmed by the chaos in her household, she still emphasises that it is the “best chaos” amidst the mess.

Ms Kardashian shares four children with her ex-husband Kanye West: daughters North (9) and Chicago (5) and sons Saint (7) and Psalm (4).

The impact 

Kim Kardashian’s actions have brought attention to children and social media, igniting debates on the appropriate age for kids to be on these platforms. With social media becoming an integral part of modern society, parents often grapple with the right balance between sharing family moments and protecting their children’s privacy.

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