Landon Swank Magician Life Story Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Landon Swank Magician Life Story Interview….

Landon Swank has dedicated his life and career to magic. He was officially a magician by 7! This is his art and passion.

Since falling in love, with what is now the 26-year-olds’ art, Swank finds himself captivated by creating a unique realm of magic and sharing it with others.

He shot to fame after appearing on NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent!

Landon currently Stars in Criss Angel’s newest production ‘The Supernaturalists’.

He has tremendous warmth and his hugely popular with the audience.

An Alaskan childhood laid the foundation for Swank’s vision.

Landon Swank Supernaturalists Exclusive Interview Magician Landon Swank Exclusive Interview Magician Landon Swank Supernaturalists Interview

Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Alex Belfield & Landon at Foxwoods….

Here’s Alex & Landon at Foxwoods:

Landon Swank Magiciain Alex Belfield The Supernaturalists

Audiences immediately take to his boy-next-door-personality while enticed into Swank’s world by a show filled with wonder, audience participation and laughs, as he humbly presents his eloquent mastery of playing cards among various original miracles.

Swank moved to Las Vegas to further pursue his blossoming magic career in 2004.  T

he same year Swank was one of two magicians honored with the opportunity to represent The United States in The World Magic Seminar’s, International Stage Competition.

Supernaturalists Landon Swank

The then 20- year-old, is still the youngest performer to receive an invitation to compete in the competition held by “Las Vegas’ longest running and most famous magic convention.”

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Interview recorded 4th July 2015 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.