Larry Lamb Interview 2017

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Larry Lamb Interview 2017…

Larry Lamb is one of the UK’s most popular actors, personalities & TV / Radio Presenters.

Most famous for playing Mick on Gavin & StaceyArchie on EastEnders and Ted Case in the final series of the BBC Crime Drama New Tricks. In 2016 he appeared on ITV’s ‘I’m a celebrity’.

Larry most recently Starred in the new film ‘The Hatton Garden Job’. He’s also the father of the hugely respected George Lamb.

As well as celebrating Larry’s life and career we talk to him about contracted malaria whilst on a visit to Senegal. This changed his life and way of thinking forever!

74% of travellers go abroad without taking advice so we talk to Angela Chalmers, a pharmacist from Boots UK, who gives advice on prevention and treatment.

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Enjoy an interview with Larry & Alex via YouTube:

As part of their mission to champion everyone’s right to feel good, Boots UK has teamed
up with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine to help raise awareness of the
simple steps people can take to help beat the bugs this summer.

Three in four travellers head to tropical destinations without seeking health advice,
while 60% admit they don’t use insect repellent when travelling. Knowing this, it’s
unfortunately not surprising how often people return from trips abroad with tropical
diseases such as malaria – in 2015 alone 1,400 travellers were diagnosed with the disease
after returning to the UK.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 21st June 2017.