Laura Anderson Interview 2019

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Laura Anderson Interview…

Laura Anderson is best known for being a 2018 Love Island runner up.

Laura finished in second place during the competition, but not before suffering rejection in the villa by Wes Nelson and becoming loved by audiences for her grounded personality.

Laura ended up coupled up with Paul Knops, though the pair later split following the show’s conclusion.

The research from the experts at eharmony reveals the key reasons that singles feel like their search is at an end – most often, people felt unattractive (24%), or a painful past relationship had put them off looking for someone new (24%).

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Laura is a flight attendant from Stirling, Scotland – but she currently lives in Dubai.

“I’ve had loads of boyfriends – nine. Two of my ex boyfriends were in the public eye. I’m a relationship person I guess. I don’t think they would say anything bad about me. One used to say I was very argumentative but I think I’ve learnt from that.”

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 5th Feb 2019