Les Miserables Musical Review And Interviews

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Les Miserables Musical Review And Interviews…..

Les Miserables celebrates 34 years on stage in 2014. It’s universally regarded as the best musical in the world – EVER.

The music is incredible, the writing is phenomenal and the staging is second to none.

You cannot failed to be moved by the story of redemption and acceptance, love and tragedy.

Here is 3 of the shows Stars from the West End at the Queens Theatre London.

Alex Belfield Les Miserables Les Miserables Musical Review Celebrity Radio Les Miserables Review

First, here’s Alex Belfield’s overall Les Mis Review….

Set in early 19th-century France, it is the story of Jean Valjean, a French peasant, and his quest for redemption after serving nineteen years in jail for having stolen a loaf of bread for his sister’s starving child.

Valjean decides to break his parole and start his life anew after a kindly bishop inspires him by a tremendous act of mercy, but he is relentlessly tracked down by a police inspector named Javert.

Along the way, Valjean and a slew of characters are swept into a revolutionary period in France, where a group of young idealists make their last stand at a street barricade.

We start with Sean Kingsley – a tremendous Jean Valjean:

Hans Peter Janssens & Cassie Crompton…..

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