Linda Nolan Life Story Interview ~ Big Brother / Cancer

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Linda Nolan Life Story Interview ~ Big Brother / Cancer…..

Linda Nolan (born 23 February 1959) is an Anglo-Irish singer based in Blackpool. She attained fame as a member of the Nolans in the 1970s and early 1980s.

After leaving the group in 1983 she went on to perform in theatre.

In 2000, she starred in the West End as Mrs Johnstone in Blood Brothers and went on to star in the UK tour.

Other musical roles include, Prisoner Cell Block H: The Musical. In 2014, she took part in Celebrity Big Brother 13.

Linda Nolan BBC Interview Celebrity Big Brother Linda Nolan

Everyone loves the Nolans! Here’s Linda’s story after a terrible year after losing her husband and sister Bernie getting cancer…..

In January 2014, Nolan participated in the thirteenth series of Celebrity Big Brother. Prior to this, her sister Coleen had participated in and achieved second place in the tenth series.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, she entered in an attempt to make a turn around, as she had encountered some hard times and had turned to the UK benefits system.

Nolan entered the house on Day 1 handcuffed to Jim Davidson.

Upon learning that she was to be handcuffed, she confirmed her “Naughty Nolan” nickname by saying “I like a bit of bondage”.

Nolan and Davidson have history; in 1995, Nolan’s husband Brian Hudson was caught red-handed stealing money from comic Frank Carson’s dressing room in a Blackpool nightclub.

This raised the ire of Davidson, who was playing up the road at the time and promptly went ballistic, yelling “no-one steals from my mates” and threatened to punch him. Davidson was promptly thrown out of that nightclub.

On Day 15, Nolan was reminded by Davidson of his antics, prompting an eruption. She was evicted on Day 22.

Recorded 2011 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 12th July 2015.