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Loren Allred Net Worth 2024, Income Sources, Career, Achievements

Loren Allred is an American singer and songwriter, best known for her stunning performance in the song “Never Enough” from the hit movie “The Greatest Showman.” Her powerful voice and impressive vocal range have gained audiences worldwide and secured a reputable place in the music industry. In addition to her work on “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack, Loren has gained further recognition through her participation in various music competitions and reality TV shows, including her memorable appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Because of her rising fame people are keen to know about her income, net worth, salary, and personal details. To satisfy all your queries we are here with the singer’s income, total worth, investments, and other information.

What is Loren Allred’s Net worth in 2024?

Loren Allred has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Loren Allred Net Worth 2024 $ 4 Million
Loren Allred Net Worth 2023 N/A
Loren Allred Net Worth 2022 N/A
Loren Allred Net Worth 2021 N/A

Loren Allred Income Sources

Music Career Earnings

Loren Allred’s primary source of income is her music career. Her earnings from albums, singles, and live performances have significantly contributed to her net worth. The success of “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack, particularly the hit song “Never Enough,” played a crucial role in boosting her financial standing. The soundtrack’s popularity led to substantial royalties and performance fees. Additionally, Loren’s live performances at various concerts and events, where she often performs “Never Enough,” generate significant income through ticket sales and appearance fees.

Income from Reality TV Appearances

Loren Allred has also earned income from her participation in reality TV shows. Her appearance on “The Voice” in 2012 introduced her to a wider audience and opened doors for further opportunities in the music industry. More recently, her participation in “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2022 brought her back into the limelight. Reality TV appearances not only provide direct financial rewards but also increase her visibility and marketability, leading to more lucrative opportunities.

YouTube Earnings and Online Presence

Loren’s YouTube channel and online presence are additional sources of income. Her channel features performances, music videos, and other content that attract millions of views. Revenue from ads, sponsored content, and partnerships with brands on YouTube contributes to her overall earnings. The virality of “Never Enough” and other performances on digital platforms has helped her build a substantial online following, further enhancing her income potential through digital streams and online merchandise sales.

Breakdown of Assets 


Music Catalog: The royalties and sales from Loren’s recorded music, including “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack, form a substantial part of her assets.

Real Estate: Loren may own residential property, which adds to her asset base. Specific details about her real estate holdings are not publicly disclosed.

Investments: Loren likely has investments in stocks, bonds, or other financial instruments that contribute to her overall net worth.

Vehicles and Personal Property: Any high-value personal items, such as vehicles or luxury goods, constitute part of her assets.

Loren Allred Biography and Career 

Loren Allred was born into a musical family on September 7, 1989, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her mother, Carol Ann Allred, is a classical soprano and voice teacher, while her father, Brady R. Allred, is a conductor and artistic director of the Salt Lake Choral Artists. Growing up in such a musically inclined environment, Loren was naturally drawn to singing and performing from a young age. She attended Weber State University in Utah before transferring to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she honed her skills and prepared for a professional music career.

Loren Allred Quick Facts Table

Date of Birth  September 7, 1989
Age 35 years old
Nationality American
Spouse  N/A
Girlfriend N/A
Profession Singer, Songwriter, & Actress
Kids N/A
Siblings N/A
Birthplace Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Annual income $0.1 million
Monthly Income N/A
Salary N/A

Major Career Milestones

Loren’s career began to take off when she participated in Season 3 of the American television show “The Voice” in 2012. Although she did not win, her performances on the show garnered her significant attention and helped her build a solid fan base. This exposure led to more opportunities in the music industry.

The turning point in Loren’s career came when she was selected to provide the singing voice for Rebecca Ferguson’s character, Jenny Lind, in the 2017 musical film “The Greatest Showman.” The song “Never Enough,” performed by Loren, became a massive hit, propelling her to international fame. The film’s soundtrack topped charts worldwide, and “Never Enough” remains one of the standout tracks, showcasing Loren’s exceptional vocal talent.

Key Achievements in Music and Entertainment

  • The Voice (2012): Loren’s participation in “The Voice” marked her first significant exposure to a national audience, showcasing her vocal abilities and potential as a rising star.
  • “The Greatest Showman” (2017): Loren’s performance of “Never Enough” in the film was a defining moment in her career. The song’s success helped her gain widespread recognition and acclaim, solidifying her status as a powerful vocalist.
  • Chart Success: “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack achieved immense success, topping charts in multiple countries. Loren’s contribution to the album played a significant role in its popularity and commercial success.
  • Live Performances and Tours: Following the success of “The Greatest Showman,” Loren has performed “Never Enough” at various high-profile events and concerts, further establishing her reputation as a captivating live performer.
  • Reality TV Appearances: Loren’s appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2022 brought her back into the spotlight, reminding audiences of her incredible talent and continuing to build her fan base.

Loren Allred’s Personal Life

Loren Allred is currently not dating anyone, according to multiple sources. Despite occasional rumors, she has kept her relationship status private.

There were rumors earlier this year about her dating rapper Lil Mosey, but there is limited information about her past relationships.

Allred has chosen to keep her personal life private, focusing on her music career. She does not have any children.


What is Loren Allred’s net worth?

As of 2024, Loren Allred’s estimated net worth is approximately $2 million. This estimate includes her earnings from music sales, live performances, reality TV appearances, YouTube revenue, and various endorsements.

What are Loren Allred’s main sources of income?

Loren Allred’s main sources of income include:

  • Earnings from music sales and streaming, particularly from “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack.
  • Live performances and concerts.
  • Income from reality TV appearances, such as “The Voice” and “Britain’s Got Talent.”
  • YouTube revenue from her channel, featuring music videos and performances.
  • Endorsements and business ventures.

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