Lorraine Kelly 30 Years At ITV Exclusive Life Story Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Lorraine Kelly 30 Years At ITV Exclusive Life Story Interview…..

On 29th September 2014 Lorraine Kelly celebrated 30 years at the helm of ‘Lorraine’ for ITV.

In an industry where people are lucky to get a second series, Lorraine has hosted her daily lifestyle programme for an entire generation….maybe even 2!

Kelly has spent 30 years at the top of her game and through the highs and lows of ITV – survived as the leading lady of Daytime TV through the many changes of management and format at the Network.

Lorraine Kelly Exclusive Life Story Interview ITV daybreak lorraine kelly Lorraine Kelly 30th Anniversary at ITV Interview with Alex Belfield

Lorraine talks about her life on air as one of ITV’s & the UK’s biggest Stars & one of the UK’s hottest sex symbols!

Lorraine Kelly met up with Alex Belfield at ITV’s London Studios for a rare, in-depth & exclusive 30 minute interview about her life and career….

Lorraine Paula Kelly, OBE (born 30 November 1959) is a Scottish television presenter, journalist and actress, best known as a presenter for TV-am, and later GMTV and ITV Breakfast, on Daybreak and Lorraine.

Previously, she was a reporter and main presenter of TV-am’s Good Morning Britain, one of the UK’s original breakfast television news programmes.

Between 2012 and 2014, Kelly was a main female presenter of ITV’s Daybreak, which she co-hosted from Monday to Thursdays with Aled Jones.

Recorded @ ITV Studios London in 2008