Lynda Bellingham Life Story Interview ~ Oxo Mum / Loose Women / Cancer

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Lynda Bellingham Life Story Interview ~ Oxo Mum / Loose Women / Cancer……

Lynda has toured the UK in shows like ‘Calendar Girls’ and Starred on ITV’s Loose Women. She’s best know for her super sexy voice and TV role as the ‘Oxo Mum’ for many years through the 80’s.

Hear a rare, exclusive and in-depth interview with a TV great. Talking about her adoption in Montreal to her sex life and three husbands. It’s all out in the open when Bellers and Bellers get together.

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Lynda is one of my favourite guests EVER! Fun, funny and always so open and honest as you’ll hear here….

Lynda Bellingham was born in Montreal to Marjorie Hughes Bond (who died in 2012), but was given for adoption aged four months because she was born out of wedlock in a strict church-going family.

Her adoptive parents were Donald and Ruth Bellingham who lived in Aston Abbotts in Buckinghamshire, England. [1][2] She was educated at Aylesbury High School and trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama.

Enjoy Lynda’s life story interview.

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