Magician Dirk Arthur Exclusive Life Story Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Magician Dirk Arthur Exclusive Life Story Interview….

Dirk Arthur has found a new home at the Westgate Las Vegas. He’s the Mr. Warmth & charm of magic – so refreshing.

This big budget production with light, sound, dance and grand illusion is certainly the biggest and most polished daytime magic show on the Strip – by a mile! It’s in the top 3 magic shows in Vegas.

The show features Snow Leopards, Black Panthers, Bengali Tigers, Tigers, Doves, Ducks and more – the last & only show in Vegas to Star big cats & animals.

With high energy dancers routines & acrobatics, fire, a huge stage, fast paced delivery – this show is a Magic show spectacular like there used to be….not any more!


The production values of this show make this the ‘BEST DAYTIME MAGIC SHOW LAS VEGAS 2015’.

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Dirk Arthur in conversation in 2009 with Alex Belfield….

Dirk is a pro and utterly charming. He’s clearly a master of his art. He’s quick, slinky and truly one of the few craftsmen of illusion. No waffle or self-indulgence, just great tricks back to back.

This show is controversial featuring Live animals throughout. Dirk defends this describing them as his “friends” on stage. His welfare program is impressive.

Here’s Dirk & Alex in Las Vegas in 2009…..

Arthur is a leading advocate of preserving endangered species and for the humane and proper care of all animals of the world. That is not to say this type of magic is not controversial.

“It’s like performing with my friends” Arthur tells us – not everyone agrees.

At one point a car did not want to clearly be in the box and twice went to bite Arthur on stage before being led of stage. Ermm.

During his show, audiences can clearly see his love for the animals as they are treated with the utmost respect and gentleness. Nevertheless, they are animals….

100 percent of the proceeds from merchandise sales at his show will be donated to various animal care and conservation programs, animal sanctuaries and developing educational programs in schools to create awareness for endangered animal preservation.

Recorded 2009 by Alex Belfield for the BBC and Celebrity Radio.