Mark Jenkins Life Story Interview The Hotel

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Mark Jenkins Life Story Interview The Hotel….

This is unbelievable – Celebrity Radio has an exclusive interview with Mark Jenkins!

Mark became a national sensation after Channel 4’s ‘The Hotel’ featured him trying to save the floundering Grosvenor Hotel in Torquay.

In 2015 Jenkins was back bringing in the punters at The Cavendish Hotel to  mixed success.

Mark is a ‘character’, a ‘one off’ and hysterical in almost every situation. We love him!

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Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Mark Jenkins from The Hotel….

The Hotel is a fly-on-the-wall British television documentary series which has run for four series consisting of 33 episodes.

Unlike Hotel, a 1997 BBC docu-soap that offered similar backstage access to the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool, the series is filmed using fixed cameras positioned in several locations around the complex rather than using a camera crew.

The second and third series of the show were broadcast in the 8pm slot on Sundays on Channel 4, and featured the same Hotel, The Grosvenor Hotel in Torquay run by Mark Jenkins.

On 25 May 2014 it was confirmed the show had been commissioned for a fourth series at The Grosvenor’s rival hotel, The Cavendish.

Mark Jenkins appears in the show as Entertainment Manager; he worked at The Cavendish for five weeks throughout the summer of 2014.

The fourth series began airing on 28 December 2014 on Channel 4 in the 8pm slot. The final episode in the series, on 15 February 2015, however, aired in the 7pm slot.

Interview recorded by Alex Belfield 23rd Feb 2015 for Celebrity Radio.