Matilda The Musical Review West End

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Exclusive Matilda The Musical Review…..

Matilda The Musical plays eight times a week at the Cambridge Theatre in the West End and on Broadway @ The Shubert Theatre.

Produced by The RSC, this Roald Dahl classic is the epitome of family musical.

Here’s the audio visual review via YouTube – the written review is below:

This production is simply captivating for the children – the kids around me never took their eyes off the stage. It’s beautifully produced, lit, danced as well as  acted and has a wonderfully clever book – where else in a children’s musical would you get away with the line “I have a smarting front bottom”!?! Genius.

Matilda not only features the incredibly elaborate stage, but also uses the aisles of the theatre throughout. Again, a brilliant way to engage the children and keep the show moving along seamlessly.

Thankfully, Matilda has great pace – so important with a show aiming to find a young audience. Technically the show is faultless which excites all of our senses.


Matilda’s score is written by the gloriously funny Tim Minchin who leaves us with no doubt that he’s a master musician.

His bouncy score and well nurtured orchestrations are accessible for both children and adults alike.

Hear Comedian Tim Minchin’s life story and rise to mega-stardom here, in a rare and Exclusive in-depth interview with Alex Belfield @ Celebrity Radio:

Several actors stuck out in this production, nods must go to James Clyde does a fabulous job as Mr. Wormwood. He was perfectly cast as the slightly creepy and always cantankerous headmaster. Lara Denning also shines with her huge personality, slightly annoying (speaking) voice and remarkable stage presence & charisma.

The real Stars of the show though are the children in the cast. With four teams of Matilda’s they change each night.

One of the biggest insults in review is ‘for their age’ – it basically means the talent is only good enough within their age bracket (very old or very young). Well, the children who Star in Matilda The Musical are as good as the best actors I’ve seen in the West End.

It is always mind-blowing to me that kids have the discipline to appear in a show night after night, but they did it with grace and looked as if they were having the time of their lives.

From the second the curtain rises, the energy is palpable and their love for the material seems clear to all. They thrive.

Their talent is truly remarkable. It’s a very wordy play set to music. Roald’s style is notoriously flowery, they bring this to life splendidly.

Tim Minchin’s score is incredibly complicated in places and there appear to be no ‘filler’ songs. Each is very different and mostly incredibly witty and uplifting.


I wouldn’t be totally honest if  I said this was my favourite musical ever as many have. It is very clever and innovates beautifully throughout the show and takes the genre to new levels with staging and choreography.

For me, Matilda is a show to see through your children. The joy this will bring to their faces is pleasure enough to keep this show alive for many years to come.

Matilda The Musical plays nightly at The Cambridge Theatre London.

Review 2013 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.