Mazz And Gina Murray Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Sisters Mazz And Gina Murray Interview….

In 2005 Belfield went to London to meet two of the biggest Stars in the West End.

Mazz Murray¬†was the Star of ‘We Will Rock You’ performing for nearly 10 years as ‘Killer Queen’.

Gina has headlined in the West End in Chicago, Full Monty and much more.

Woman Mazz and Gina Murray INterview Mazz and Gina Murray Woman Mazz and Gina Murray

Hear the girls story in a rare interview together over a coffee in London….

Here’s Mazz & Gina with Emma Kershaw from Woman The Band:

Here’s Alex, Gina and Mazz….

Woman The band first came together to perform at the Savoy for a charity concert in aid of breast cancer. Their song, I’m a Woman, caused such a stir that the girls decided to record it as a single for the charity.

They enlisted the help of Queen’s Brian May, who initially arranged and produced the track, which was recorded at Abbey Road. Brian then joined the girls as their special guest at the Albert Hall to perform the song.

Woman was created, and has since been performing at events such as the Isle of Wight Festival, ‘Walk the Walk’ in Hyde Park, and the Hard Rock Caf√©. Gloria Hunniford is a great supporter of the group, and Woman has performed at many Caron Keating foundation events and concerts.

Recorded 2005 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.