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When I heard that Meat Loaf Rocktellz & Cocktails was performing at Planet Hollywood I had to get a ticket!

I’ve always believed regardless of personal taste – if you ever get the opportunity to be in the presence of a legend, you’d be a dope to miss out on the opportunity.

Meat’s show is a blend of his biggest hits, comedy skits and audience questions. It’s really a celebration of his achievements, life and career.

Meatloaf Las Vegas Review 2014 ~ Rocktellz And Cocktails Live In Concert Planet Hollywood Meatloaf Las Vegas Review 2014 ~ Rocktellz And Cocktails Meatloaf Las Vegas Review 2014 ~ Rocktellz And Cocktails Celebrity Radio

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The band are second to none at this production and the PA system is certainly impressive. So important for such anthemic and recognisable music.

Meat Loafs two incredible backing singers are so important to capture the essence of his music and they deliver Bigtime! They somewhat steal the show, especially during songs like ‘I would do anything for love’ – stunning vocals.

So, to the Bigman himself – well, I would be lying and disingenuous to pretend his voice is as strong as it once was….or that he had the vocal stage presence he mastered in the 80’s.

The truth is that you have to accept performers evolve and their music grows with them. It would be impossible to expect Meat Loaf to be belt like he did in the 80’s – it’s a shame, but that’s life.

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Unfortunately for Meat all of his numbers are a stretch for the most gifted, talented and brilliant of singers – you can’t hide behind these songs. Frustratingly Meat Loaf had little choice but to do so which was disappointing.

What is not in dispute is Meat Loaf’s passion to perform. He clearly adores being on stage and thrives at the opportunity to entertain.

Also, Meat Loaf is funny – very funny! He acts out his monologues on stage and has such enviable enthusiasm, passion and spot on delivery.

Meat Loaf Las Vegas Review Meat Loaf Las Vegas Planet Hollywood Review Meat Loaf Las Vegas Review Planet Hollywood

His material is mostly ‘cute’….but he can’t resist from dropping the occasional well placed F bomb!

Planet Hollywood have given him the perfect vehicle with this 7pm residency of ‘Rocktellz And Cocktails’.

Most enjoyable of all was hearing Meat’s life story. It was fascinating finding out about his devotion to his family and music.

He told us he’s currently recording a new album with ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ producer Jim Steinman. That should be very interesting.

This man certainly has passion and soul and his audience love him for it. Watching their devotion and love for Meat was inspiring.

Despite fighting against the technical difficulty of his enormously challenging back catalogue, he tries his absolute best to recapture these mammoth numbers at Planet Hollywood.

Good for you Meat Loaf – we love you for being you!

This review was recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 10th May 2014

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