Memphis The Musical Review Shaftsbury Theatre West End

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Memphis The Musical Review Shaftsbury Theatre West End……

I have to admit I’m a little biased with this show. I fell in love with MEMPHIS on Broadway – the West End production is just as compelling!

Memphis The Musical opened at the Shaftsbury Theatre in October 2014.

This is truly a memorable, moving, incredible, important, epic & emotional must see show!

It’s like Hairspray for grown-ups. Full of fun, heart, memories with stunning choreography, visuals & breath taking vocals.

Memphis review Shaftsbury Theatre London Matt Cardle Review Memphis The Musical Review New Cast Memphis The Musical

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The fabulous Beverly Knight was off tonight but the gorgeous Rachel John was faultless and stole the show with a killer 5* performance.

She’s stunning on every level. What a voice! This girl should be a household name.

Such unbelievably powerful vocals.

Totally effortless, memorable and utterly captivating. God given talent. The epitome of a West End leading lady.

Rachel John Review Memphis The Musical Standing Ovation Memphis The Musical Matt Cardle MEMPHIS

Matt Cardle is brand new to the cast and nailed it. Hugely impressive. He owned this ‘geeky’ role with a physical vulnerability but vocal prowess.

Matt’s voice is magnificent, his acting is truly impressive & authentic and there is no question he’s going to have a long career in musical theatre should he want to do it.

His interpretation of ‘Memphis Lives In Me’ was one of the most moving, impressive and powerful I’ve ever seen. Truly impressive.

This is a rare X-Factor Star who deserves his glory. The chemistry between Matt & Rachel was inspired collectively offering a 5* performance.

Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Alex Belfield and Matt @ MEMPHIS….

Memphis has original songs by Grammy winner and Bon Jovi co-founder David Bryan, and a gripping true-life inspired story from writer Joe DiPietro.

MEMPHIS will leave you exhilarated, enthralled and blown away by this passionate play of love, loss, emotion, hilarity and its standing-ovation inducing energy.

This is a love story against the worst odds.

Matt Cardle Review Memphis The Musical

Memphis is a story of significance set in the underground nightclubs of 1950s Memphis, Tennessee.

A DJ played by Matt Cardle, falls in love with a beautiful club singer, played by Rachel John – he makes it his mission to bring her music to the world.

There are some adult themes in terms of race in this show but it is important our children understand the past, the struggles and how far we have come in a relatively short space of time.

This is truly a feel good spectacle. Pure talent & energy from the entire cast.

Memphis The Musical Review Review Memphis The Musical Shaftsbury Theatre Memphis The Musical

Memphis is truly one of the most beautiful plays and original musicals in a very long time to hit London.

The staging is exceptional, lighting tremendous and the sound is the best I’ve heard since We Will Rock You!

The show has a amazing list of memorable songs including ‘The music of my soul’ and ‘Someday’ not to mention ‘Steal your rock and roll’.

Enjoy a rare, exclusive performance of the beautiful ‘Memphis Lives In Me’ by composer and Bon Jovi Star David Bryan.

This has to be one of the most memorable, epic & electrifying musical hits since ‘Defying Gravity’ or ‘The Circle Of Life’…..

This is a 4**** musical with 5* talent!

Memphis is playing at the Shaftsbury Theatre in London’s West End.

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Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 6th August 2015.