Montreal And Quebec Top Ten List Review

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Montreal And Quebec Top Ten List Review….

In 2008 Belfield flew into Montreal to visit all of the attractions of Quebec and Montreal!

This part of the world is truly beautiful and has some of the most amazing architecture, culture, art, gastronomy and people in the world!

Alex was blown away by the wonderful food and history.

Alex started by touring Quebec.

Don’t miss the Chateau’s most famous resident!

Do visit the Chateau’s restaurant with Chef Soulard….

One of the most gorgeous streets in the world is the Petit Camplain!

The gorgeous back streets of Quebec….

The Battle of the Plains of Abraham is one of Montreal’s most historical events.

It’s now their biggest and most delightful attractions.

Alex went to meet Abraham Martin – he’s a character you cannot miss when visiting Montreal:

Alex met a Montreal character…

Back in Montreal Alex began by hearing about the highlights from the incredible Ruby Roy!

Some of the most beautiful scenery in any City….

More about Montreal…

Mixing the history with a modern City….

So many films have been made in Montreal. It’s truly gorgeous!

The gem of Montreal is the Basilica….it’s mind blowing.

Sunday mass is an incredible experience regardless of your beliefs.

The choir, organ and atmosphere are incredibly moving:

Here’s the Montreal Olympic Stadium….

You must visit the Montmorency Falls. Alex spoke to Nicole about its history….

Visit the Museum De La Civilisation:

In the winter it gets VERY cold!….

Enjoy the best views overlooking Montreal can be found at Mount Royal:

Michael Banks is one of the most famous business men in Montreal.

Is restaurant and hotel are incredible and Belfield love meeting him!

Here’s Alex & Michael…

You have to visit the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, not only is a beautiful hotel but it’s home to where Yoko and Lennon wrote ‘Give peace a chance’.

In those days there was no bed….they did like beds!

Give Peace & Belfield a chance…

JT Market is as good as an Spanish traditional market, you could walk around all day!

It’s one of the most beautiful and impressive in the world!

The Montreal Grand Prix is back and Belfield got to drive on the track…

There was a huge stink in 2008 when CKOI presenters Mark and Seb phoned Sarah Palin as a prank.

Alex went to meet the boys!

Montreal is a gorgeous metropolitan City with sophisticated culture and incredible history….

Enjoy the Biodome….

More views overlooking magical Montreal….

Alex loves Air Canada:

“I was blown away by the food, service, comfort and incredible wine list!”

Alex spoke to their boss Bob Atkinson;

Montreal and Quebec are two beautiful places that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime!

The food is amazing, the people are lovely and the sights are incredible!

Reviews and interviews recorded by Alex Belfield for the BBC and Celebrity Radio 2010.