Neil Mullarkey Interview 2014 Comedy Players Austin Powers

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Neil Mullarkey Interview 2014 Comedy Players Austin Powers…. 

Neil Mullarkey is a totally unique comedian and motivational speaker.

He studied at Robinson College, Cambridge where he was a member of the Footlights and was Junior Treasurer during Tony Slattery’s term as president.

He became president in 1982 with Nick Hancock, Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis as his contemporaries.

Mullarkey formed Hancock & Mullarkey with Hancock, performing their act (which consisted of spoofing television shows’ title sequences to that show’s accompanying theme music) several times on television. This included Doctor Who, Kojak, and Dad’s Army.

He now runs motivational (hysterical) workshops for huge corporations around the world….as well as continuing to tour his Live show.

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Enjoy an exclusive interview with Neil and Alex Belfield recorded October 2014:

In the early 1980s, he teamed up with Mike Myers as ‘Mullarkey and Myers’. They would perform sketches based on their shared love of cartoons, B-movies and bad TV.

They played around the burgeoning London pub circuit, particularly at the George IV in Chiswick, where they often shared the bill with the young Hugh Grant, then plying his trade in the Jockeys Of Norfolk revue.

Mike eventually returned to Toronto, but Mullarkey would briefly join him to revive ‘Mullarkey and Myers’ in Canada. Later still, he appeared in Myers’ début in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, as the Customs Officer who freaks Austin out with his penis enlarger.

As a founding member of The Comedy Store Players, he is regularly performing on the UK comedy circuit.

Mullarkey runs management workshops and hosts conferences for private and public organisations. In his Improvyourbiz workshops he uses the techniques of theatre improvisation to inspire business people to embrace their creativity and enhance their communication skills.

Interview recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 2nd October 2014.