Nev Wilshire Interview The Call Centre BBC Three

The Call Centre was one of the biggest hits for the now departed BBC Three in 2013.

Nev Wilshire is the huge Star with an even bigger personality!

It’s back for a new series in April 2014 & the Series 1 DVD is in your stores now.

Who knew following a manager from a call centre could be so compelling and get the entire nation talking?

Thankfully they found ‘Nev’ – Nev Wilshire. He’s a huge character and a HR nightmare!

He is a very hands on boss who makes it his business to know the ins and outs of the call centre workers’ professional and private lives. Nev is no nonsense, no BS and seemingly no rules. What will he do next?

He was born and bred in Wales and wouldn’t live anywhere else for all the money in the world.

Nev is a big fan of John Wayne, who was one of the good guys as he puts it. On weekends you will usually find him at a Swansea City football match.

As with all fame there’s ups and downs. Thanks to various expose’s in the Daily Mail, Nev has certainly lived an incredible life.

Nev Wilshire Interview Boss The Call Centre BBC Three Interview Swansea Call Centre Manager Nev Wilshire Life Story Interview

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Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio recorded 2013.