Nicholas Parsons Interview Just A Minute

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Nicholas Parsons 2016 Interview 50 Years Of Just A Minute…..

Mr. Nicholas Parsons is a broadcasting legend, respected actor, comedian and British legend.

Most famous for BBC Radio Four’s ‘Just A Minute’, which celebrates 50 years on the air in 2017, Nicholas is an icon and much loved Star at 92.

Although he wants to be know as an actor not TV presenter, he shot to fame on ‘Sale Of The Century’ which had over 21 million viewers on ITV.

Born in Grantham, his father began a life long obsession with time by giving him clocks to fix and play with. It’s clear his hobby has influenced his career with perfect comic timing.

In 2016 he’s working on a new documentary for the BBC as well as touring his one man show.

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Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Nicholas and Alex via YouTube:

Interview recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 24th August 2016.