Nick Heyward Interview 2017

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Nick Heyward Interview 2017

Nick has become one of the most iconic voices in music having fronted ‘Haircut 100’ in the 80’s.

With hits including ‘Whistle Down The Wind’ & ‘Blue Hat For A Blue Day’ (our favourite), he was one of the biggest Stars in music history. They recorded one of the first digital albums.

Born in Kent, this father of two was born to perform and write. He wrote ‘Fantastic Day’ at just 15 years old!

Nick’s new album Woodland Echoes is available now via Amazon below.

We LOVE ‘Beautiful Morning’, ‘Who’ (a Beatles-esk sound), ‘Baby Blue Sky’ (90’s rock brilliance), ‘New Beginning’ (stunning guitar) & ‘For Always’ (a gorgeous ballad).

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Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE interview with Nick & Alex via YouTube:

Work on the band’s second album commenced in October 1982 Heyward told Smash Hits magazine that he had been contemplating going solo for a while and had already recorded some tracks with session musicians.

However, many years later, Heyward stated that he had been struggling with stress and depression at the time after a year of constant work and pressure which led to him being, in effect, sacked by the other members of the band.

Over the years, the band has reformed several times. Though not performing together as of 2017, Heyward described a “deep love” for the band and remarked that “the door is always open”.

In an interview with Lorraine, he said he was “ever hopeful” that the band would one day play a reunion show at the Roundhouse where Pelican West was recorded

Recorded 10th August 2017 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio