Oceana Grill Restaurant Review Bourbon Street New Orleans

Enjoy Celebrity Radio Oceana Grill Restaurant Review Bourbon Street New Orleans 2015….

Oceana Grill, located in the historic New Orleans French Quarter at the corner of Bourbon St. and Conti St.

There’s no question this is one of the most popular French Quarter Restaurants in New Orleans with people queuing down the street to get a seat.

With top notch service and an enchanting atmosphere, not to mention unique, beautifully cooked, wholesome, traditional food – this is a top NOLA eatery.

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Firstly, this is a hugely popular and fast paced relaxed restaurant serving 100’s of people a day.

This does not pretend to be pretencious and ‘fine dining’ like so many in New Orleans, but its food and flavours compete Bigtime!

There’s everything on the menu from local fish, top steaks, Poboy sandwiches and Ribs.

You can enjoy all of the favourite appetisers from BBQ shrimp to Oceana Oysters as you can see below…

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I cannot tell you how impressed I am by the shrimp at Oceana – by European standards they are basically meaty langoustine packed with melt in your mouth flavour.

DON’T MISS THEM! (Pic 2 above) Double click pictures to enlarge.

Next came the house oysters.

Firstly, I hate Oysters – they’re normally chewy, tasteless and indigestible….well not at Oceana!

I can honestly say the above Oysters (although not much to look at) were the most outstanding I’ve ever tasted!


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Again, Oceana is not about ‘Michelin’ style poncy presentation – it’s food like Mamma would make and that you love to remember.

As you can see above, the house daily Special of ‘surf and turf’ – steak & prawns/shrimps was truly impressive.

The steak was one of the most tender and juicy pieces of meat I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy in many years.

The signature Redfish Oceana was perfectly cooked accompanied by crispy prawns, jambalaya & spinach.

Two wonderfully authentic, local, well cooked and delicious New Orleans dishes.

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Finally don’t miss dessert – they’re to die for….and enormous.

I couldn’t resist the chocolate mouse cake which was sensational.

I cannot recommend Oceana enough.

A hugely memorable meal in a cool and fun atmosphere with brilliantly cooked and created dishes.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 16th Jan 2015.