Old Jews Telling Jokes

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‘Old Jews Telling Jokes’ on Broadway is all killer & no filler!

It’s just 5 incredibly charismatic, gifted & funny actors (with amazing comic timing) knocking back to back zingers out of the park for 90 minutes.

This show has incredible comic performances which creates one of the best atmosphere’s I’ve ever experienced in a Broadway theatre. The lighting, through line and staging is exceptional for the size of venue! This show has great pace and texture – there’s never a dull moment!

‘Old Jews Telling Jokes’ does contain some ‘bad’ language and themes of a filthy nature…however, I defy you to be offended as the material is delivered with such warmth and true heart.

Alex went backstage at the Westside Theatre on 43rd street to meet Bill Army & Audrey Lynn Weston who Star as the young ‘Old Jews’.

Both Bill & Lynn gave brilliant performances along with Marilyn Sokol, Todd susman & Lenny Wolpe who all make their characters their own. Genius casting!

Everyone in this show has huge personality & stage presence and appear to be having the time of their lives delivering this legendary, loved and laugh out loud gags!

Here’s part 1 of Belfield’s Exclusive interview with Bill & Audrey:

Here’s part two of Belfield’s Exclusive interview with Audrey & Bill on Broadway:

Don’t miss ‘Old Jews Telling Jokes’ @ the Westside Theatre on 43th.

Review Jan 2013

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