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Omarion Net Worth 2024

Omarion, born Omari Ishmael Grandberry on November 12, 1984, in Inglewood, California, has carved a niche as a multifaceted entertainer in the music and entertainment industry. Known for his smooth vocals, electrifying dance moves, and compelling acting skills, Omarion first rose to fame as the lead singer of the popular R&B group B2K in the early 2000s.

Following the group’s disbandment, he successfully transitioned to a solo career, releasing chart-topping albums and singles that have solidified his status as a mainstay in R&B music. Beyond his musical endeavors, Omarion has also made his mark as an actor, appearing in several films and television shows, which showcases his versatility as an entertainer. In this article, explore Omarion’s net worth.

What is Omarion’s net worth in 2024?

As of 2024, Omarion’s net worth is estimated to be $7 million. Omarion’s financial journey mirrors his evolution as an artist and entrepreneur, showcasing a trajectory of growth and diversification. From his early days as the lead singer of B2K to his successful solo career and ventures into the business realm, Omarion’s net worth has seen a significant increase, reflecting his ability to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing entertainment industry.

Omarion Net Worth 2024$7million
Omarion  Net Worth 2023$6.5million
Omarion  Net Worth 2022$6.0million
Omarion Net Worth 2021$5.5million

Early Days and Rise with B2K

Omarion’s initial foray into the music industry with B2K marked the beginning of his financial journey. The group’s success, characterized by hit singles, sold-out tours, and lucrative record sales, laid the foundation for Omarion’s financial growth. Despite the group’s eventual disbandment, the fame and experience gained during this period set the stage for Omarion’s solo endeavors.

Solo Career Success

The transition to a solo career was a pivotal moment for Omarion, not just artistically but financially. His debut solo album “O” was a commercial success, earning him a Grammy nomination and solidifying his place in the R&B genre. Subsequent albums and singles further increased his earnings, with tours, merchandise sales, and royalties contributing to his growing net worth.

Business Ventures and Diversification

Recognizing the importance of diversification, Omarion ventured into business, establishing his record label and playing a key role in the Millennium Tour. These endeavors expanded his income streams and demonstrated his savvy in leveraging his brand and influence within the industry. His engagement in social media endorsements and brand partnerships has further augmented his earnings, showcasing his adaptability to new forms of revenue generation in the digital age.

Real Estate Investments and Lifestyle

Omarion’s financial acumen extends to real estate investments, a strategic move that has diversified his portfolio and contributed to his net worth. Investing in properties, particularly in the Los Angeles area, has provided him with financial security and a tangible asset base that appreciates over time. His lifestyle, marked by balancing luxury and investment-savvy decisions, reflects a mature approach to wealth management and growth.

Omarion Biography

Omarion was Born on November 12, 1984, in Inglewood, California. Omari Ishmael Grandberry, known professionally as Omarion, showed an early affinity for the spotlight. Growing up in a vibrant city known for its rich musical and entertainment heritage, Omarion was drawn to the arts from a young age. 

His journey into the entertainment world began with appearances in commercials, where his natural charisma and talent were evident even in brief on-screen moments. These early experiences in front of the camera laid the foundation for his future in show business, giving him a taste of performance and the thrill of connecting with an audience.

Omarion’s passion for entertainment quickly expanded beyond acting into music and dance, where he would eventually make a significant impact. His big break came when he joined B2K, a boy band synonymous with early 2000s R&B and teen pop culture.

Omarion Quick Facts Table

Date of Birth 12 November 1984
Age39 years old
NationalityUnited States of America
Spouse Apryl Jones
ProfessionAmerican singer-songwriter and actor
KidsA’mei Kazuko Grandberry, Mega Omari Grandberry
SiblingsAmira Grandberry, Arielle Grandberry, Kira Grandberry, Tymon Grandberry, Ukil Grandberry
BirthplaceInglewood, California, United States

Omarion Business Ventures and Other Endeavors

Omarion’s career extends beyond his achievements in music and acting, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen. Recognizing the importance of diversification and control over his creative output, Omarion ventured into the business side of the entertainment industry with several strategic moves.

One of Omarion’s significant entrepreneurial efforts is establishing his record label. This venture allowed him greater creative freedom and control over his music and provided a platform to support and promote emerging artists. By leveraging his experience and insights gained from years in the industry, Omarion has contributed to the music scene in a new and impactful way.

In addition to his record label, Omarion played a pivotal role in the Millennium Tour. This concert series brought together some of the most beloved R&B and hip-hop acts from the 2000s. His involvement in the tour served as a nostalgic reunion for fans of that era and underscored his influence and standing within the music community. The Millennium Tour was a commercial success, highlighting Omarion’s ability to connect with audiences and his savvy in recognizing and capitalizing on the demand for nostalgia-driven experiences.

Omarion’s social media presence and endorsements further reflect his understanding of the modern entertainment landscape. With millions of followers across platforms, he has effectively used social media to maintain his relevance, engage with fans, and promote his projects. This digital savvy has made him an attractive partner for brands looking for influencers with a genuine connection to their audience. Through endorsements and sponsored content, Omarion has diversified his income streams and strengthened his brand.

Omarion’s Personal Life

Omarion’s personal life, much like his professional career, has been a journey of growth and transformation. Beyond the spotlight and his accomplishments in music and acting, he is also known for his roles as a father and partner, aspects of his life that he has occasionally shared with the public.

One of the most notable relationships in Omarion’s life has been with Apryl Jones, a television personality best known for her appearances on the reality TV show “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” Their relationship, which was prominently featured on the show, offered fans a glimpse into Omarion’s life off-stage and outside the recording studio. 

Together, Omarion and Apryl Jones have two children, A’mei Kazuko Grandberry and Megaa Omari Grandberry. Despite their eventual separation, the journey of co-parenting has been an important part of Omarion’s personal narrative, showcasing his commitment to his family and his role as a father.


What contributed to Omarion’s net worth?

Omarion’s net worth has been influenced by several factors, including his successful music career both with B2K and as a solo artist, his acting roles in films and television, and his business ventures, such as his record label and involvement in the Millennium Tour. Additionally, his earnings from social media endorsements and real estate investments have contributed to his financial growth.

What are some of Omarion’s most successful solo projects?

Some of Omarion’s most successful solo projects include his debut album “O,” which featured hits like “O” and “Touch,” and his second album “21,” with the successful single “Ice Box.” His later albums, such as “Ollusion” and “SexPlaylist,” have also been well-received, with “SexPlaylist” featuring the hit single “Post to Be.”

How has Omarion diversified his career outside of music?

Outside of music, Omarion has diversified his career by venturing into acting, with roles in movies like “You Got Served” and appearances on reality TV shows such as “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” He has also embarked on entrepreneurial endeavors, including launching his own record label and playing a significant role in organizing the Millennium Tour.

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