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Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Papillon Flights – Grand Canyon & Las Vegas Tours…..

Let me be clear – if you do not visit the Grand Canyon during your trip to Las Vegas you are a moron!

This is a wonder of the world, a place for introspection and inspiration & one of the most beautiful and moving places in the world. offer daily tours.


Here’s an Exclusive interview with one of Papillon helicopter captains….

I highly recommend you take an early flight as seeing the sun rise over Hoover Dam & the Canyon is one of the most beautiful sights in the world.

Papillon will pick you up door to door. The sunrise flights leave around 5.30am.

Here’s Belfield’s audio visual review:

I was amazed by the efficiency of Papillon from the second I was picked up. Their hospitality, service and time keeping is second to none.


You check in at the Bolder City Airport and within 20 minutes board your plane or helicopter.

I took the package which included an airplane flight with stunning views of Hoover Dam and the Colorado River. Next you land at the Grand Canyon Airport and are quickly transferred to a Papillion helicopter for a tour of the south Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Then you take a 2-hour ground tour of the National Park with photo stops at Bright Angel Point and Mather Point.

This 8 hour return trip was spectacular from start to finish….


I took my trip in January when the weather is cold….very cold! However, the sun shone throughout and the snow added to the beauty.

In the summer the south rim gets to around 80 degrees.


This is such an life inspiring journey. It makes you put your life in perspective whilst viewing the grandeur and enormity of the Canyon.

The transit from the airports to the Canyon was impeccable. The service was professional, polite and very helpful.


The remarkable thing about the Grand Canyon is that you will never see the same view twice. As the day progresses the shadows from the sun change and make it an ever changing canvas.


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