Patrick Rivera Photography Review Las Vegas

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Patrick Rivera Photography Review Las Vegas….

Patrick Rivera is one of the most respected and talented photographers in Las Vegas.

From glamour models, cover shoots, artwork to head shots – Patrick can do it all.

Celebrity Radio hired Patrick for our latest pictures in October 2015.

Rivera is incredibly relaxed and immediately puts you at ease.

We used his studio at his home in Henderson Las Vegas for our 2016 headshots.

From the moment I arrived Patrick and I hit it off, it was very annoying that we had to stop gossiping to take the pictures.

I’m not your average model! In fact, I’m clearly not a model.

Patrick takes times and effort to make you look the best you can be, even with my disadvantages….


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Patrick has photographed some of the most beautiful women in the world, in fact he’s married to one of them – the stunning Mariah Rivera who he features in many of his most beautiful pieces.

His work ‘Sometimes I Pray’ are simply stunning.

Here’s some more attractive photos from Patrick’s collection:

Patrick Rivera Review Photographer LAs Vegas Best Photographer Las VEgas Best Photographer Las VEgas

Patrick says:

“I did not find photography; Photography found me. Since that moment I have become fascinated by the power of the image.

Using my creativity to explore the beauty and the stories of the world around me, I continually find myself enthralled and excited on how one photograph has the ability to shape the way you feel and brings you into the moment with just one look.

My work is created and delivered from the heart. I capture beauty to share with the world!”

Patrick Rivera Review Photographer Vegas Patrick Rivera Review Model Photographer Vegas Patrick Rivera Head Shots Photographer Las Vegas

Unlike so many in the field, Patrick is genuinely interested in making you look as good as you possibly can be.

He gives you time and responds almost immediately to correspondence which is so refreshing.

Celebrity Radio cannot wait to work with Patrick again for 2017.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio October 2015.