Paul McKenna Exclusive Interview Change Your Life

Enjoy Paul McKenna Interview……

Paul McKenna is the master of reorganising, prioritising and sorting out  your life.

Whether it is money, smoking, being more efficient & smart,  or losing weight – he’ll help you re-programme your brain to achieve your goals and get everything in perspective.

Through re-programming & hypnosis, Paul can really change your life!

McKenna has made millions travelling the world helping people achieve their goals and resolve their issues.

Alex went to visit him at his home in London for a rare, exclusive, in-depth 50 minute interview recorded for the BBC….

Paul McKenna Change Your Life Interview - Diet, Smoking, Sleeping, Confidence Paul McKenna Interview Paul McKenna Life Story Interview

Enjoy this Exclusive 4 part interview:

Part 1 – Here’s Paul’s Life Story & Career In Hypnosis…..

McKenna has written and produced books and multimedia products, hosted self-improvement television shows and presents seminars in hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, weight loss, motivation and the Zen meditation Big Mind.

Part 2 – Here’s Paul’s Life Story & International Success Part 2….

McKenna has become one of the most successful non-fiction authors in the world with self-help titles including ‘I Can Make You Thin’, ‘Stop Smoking Without Gaining Weight’, ‘I Can Make You Happy’ and ‘Hypnotic Gastric Band’ included in a wide range of highly popular titles published in countries across the world.

Part 3 – Paul Explains How To Get Thin……

McKenna hypnotised The One Show presenter Matt Baker to believe that he was Pablo Picasso during which time he created several impressionist pieces of art, which were shown on air while the footage was played back during McKenna’s appearance on 9 January 2013.

Part 4 – Paul Can Make You Quit Smoking…..

McKenna has also presented several live events including Get The Life You Want with Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler and Get Thin with Paul McKenna.

Recorded for the BBC and Celebrity Radio by Alex Belfield 2006.