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Paul Merton is an English writer, actor, radio and television presenter. Known for his improvisation skill, his humour is rooted in deadpan, surreal and sometimes dark comedy.

He’s the king of improv in the UK.

Paul is a panellist on BBC1’s ‘Have I Got News For You’ & regularly appears on ‘Sorry I Haven’t A Clue’  & ‘Just A Minute’ on BBC Radio 4.

Merton still appears each week adlibbing at the Comedy Store in London with the ‘Comedy Players’.

He loves silent comedy and has presented a new TV show and recently written a book about it.

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Recorded 2011

Also in 2007 he presented a four-part travel documentary, Paul Merton in China, which was broadcast on Five from 21 May 2007.

His second travel series, Paul Merton in India was transmitted from 8 October 2008 on the same channel. A third series, Paul Merton in Europe began broadcasting on 11 January 2010, again on Five.

Merton hosted the British version of Thank God You’re Here, which aired on ITV in 2008.

In 2009, Merton directed and presented a documentary on the British films of Alfred Hitchcock, in a series of star-presented documentaries on BBC Four.

In May 2010, Merton temporarily co-presented The One Show for two weeks on Thursday after Adrian Chiles left the show.

His three part documentary series Paul Merton’s Birth of Hollywood about the early history of Hollywood was broadcast in May 2011 on BBC2. In Merton’s third TV series for 2011, Paul Merton’s Adventures, he travels around the world going on popular tourist trails, but still manages to find some extraordinary things.

Recorded 2009 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio & the BBC.