Pete Burns Before and After Plastic Surgery Journey

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Pete Burns Plastic Surgery: Before and After Photos

The most iconic English musician, singer, and songwriter, as well as an established television personality, the late Peter Jozzeppi Burns, also popularly known as Pete Burns, displayed a notable fixation on undergoing surgical procedures and facial enhancements to enrich his appearance.

Pete Burns was born on August 5, 1959, in Port Sunlight near Liverpool, England. His mom, Eva, went through callous times because she had survived a terrible event called the Holocaust.

Acknowledging his injuries during his surgeries, Burns explained that he did recognise his transformation into a visual figure. This factor compelled him to prioritise his appearance and made him more plastic. 

Consequently, he went under the knife around 300 times to meticulously achieve the desired modifications and enhancements to improve his facial features. The comprehensive list of various procedures that Burns underwent is listed here in the article.

Burns, renowned for his timeless hits such as “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” and “Brand New Lover,” made a notable appearance on the UK reality show Celebrity Botched Up Bodies. During the show, he lightheartedly referenced his mortality while discussing the health challenges stemming from his extensive experience with over 300 plastic surgeries.

Pete Burns Before and After Plastic Surgery

The lead vocalist of ‘Dead or Alive’ underwent an unrecognisable transformation in the middle phase of his career and the period preceding his passing away. These significant changes resulted from his frequent turning to comprehensive facial modifications achieved through surgical procedures.

A close comparison of his after and before images shows that at the initial phase of Pete’s career, he showcased undeniable charm compared to the images after his surgery.

The artist’s facial features were all swollen, leading to a resemblance to a woman. This profound shift towards a more feminine look, steaming from cosmetic surgeries, could easily lead to confusion regarding his gender.

Has Pete Burns had Nose Surgery?

Burns disclosed that he was introduced to the world of plastic surgery through a nose job, undertaken at the age of 20 when his chart-topping success “You Spin Me Round” was making humongous waves.

In an interview, he recounted an incident in Liverpool where he was headbutted, which resulted in his nose being displaced and moved to another side of his face. This left him ugly. Following this tragic incident, there were numerous rumours that he opted to go in for a nose reconstructive job and fix his misplaced nose.

This entire nose job did pinch his pocket and cost him £750. But during the surgical intervention, the plastic surgeon, unfortunately, extracted a substantial portion of his nose, leaving him behind solely with the pair of nostrils and the central bone. This left him grotesque. The entire procedure was highly agonising and pushed him to the verge of faintness.

The less-than-successful outcome of the surgery left the artist necessitating an eye patch for his left eye to conceal the repercussions of the nose surgery that had gone awry. By then, he had already undergone more than four corrective procedures on his nose to rectify the aftermath of his already distorted nose resulting from the previous surgery.

Pete Burns Cheekbone Implant Surgery 

Pete Burns had a net worth of $500,000, most of which he invested in cosmetic surgery enhancements encompassing his cheekbones. He strongly desired to be unrecognisable even by the gods in the afterlife. He certainly was addicted to facial modifications. 

He randomly visited various surgeons in this pursuit and took their expert advice. These surgeons incorporated sturdy implants on both sides of his cheeks, resulting in his facial structure’s heightened definition and accentuation.

Pete Burns Lip Surgery

Besides his nose and check implants, this renowned vocalist displayed a penchant for lip surgery. Driven by his aspiration for an even more voluminous and even plump pout, he opted to go towards the path of lip injections that would make them look even more significant.

Nonetheless, after the procedure, he felt a discomforting burning sensation and subsequent swelling in his lower lip. This compelled him to revisit the lip surgeon, who later performed drainage to alleviate the puffiness. Eventually, visiting and reviewing the surgeon to seek medical attention and recurrent drainage became a routine custom for him.

Over the next two years, he underwent repetitive surgeries to remove those implants that migrated from his face to his cheeks, Adam’s apple and the back of his eyes. Unfortunately, the fillers even migrated to his liver and kidneys, leaving no recourse but to eliminate them through excretion.

Why did Pete Burns Get 300 plastic surgeries?

Pete Burns had many surgeries to look different because he wanted to stand out. He dressed and looked in a way that made people question the usual ideas about boys and girls. He thought of the surgeries as a way to show his art and who he was.

Sometimes, bad things that happen and feelings from the past can make people want to change how they look. Pete Burns went through a lot in his life – becoming famous, relationships, and personal problems. She struggled with her feelings. One time, Pete saw that his mom had hurt herself badly.

Even though Pete was sad about his mom’s feelings, he also found something good in all the bad stuff. He and his mom were very close, and thought she was his best friend. He believed that his mom gave him the ability to imagine and dream to escape from his thoughts and be in a different place in his mind.

These things might have made him want the surgeries. Changing how he looked might have helped him feel stronger and in control, especially when he was feeling really bad inside.

 Final verdict 

Despite his health in disarray, Burns remained determined in his commitment to perpetual self-transformation. In one of the ABC interviews in 2010, he firmly stated that the external presentation starkly contradicted something very deep within him. 

He was indeed a true visionary and an immensely talented soul. All of us will always miss him. The world mourned when he passed away, but his memories will forever be fresh.

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