Philip Davies Shipley MP BBC Interview Racist Homophobic Smoking Ban

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Philip Davies Shipley MP BBC Interview Racist Homophobic Smoking Ban…..

Phillip Davis MP is always outspoken, however during this BBC phone-in he was particularly outrageous.

Davis thinks the smoking ban should be overturned and lung cancer once again available in all public bars and pubs. Yay!

Racist MP Philip Davies BBC Interview Philip Davies MP BBC Interview Yorkshire MP Philip Davies MP BBC Interview

As you can imagine, not everyone agreed….

On 1 February 2013, it was reported that Davies is to be investigated by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards after a complaint claiming he received more than £10,000 in benefits from companies with links to the gambling industry which he did not fully declare during a year-long investigation into the betting trade.

The Commissioner required Davies to apologise for breaching the parliamentary code after not declaring an interest in a debate and at the Culture, Media and Sport Committee.

The financial interest involved was £870 of hospitality from the bookmaker Ladbrokes, rather than the larger amount complained about which came from another company which was not relevant enough to gambling

Here’s some more of his highlights from the Alex Belfield phone-in…..

is a British Conservative Party politician. He is the Member of Parliament (MP) for Shipley in West Yorkshire.

He is the most rebellious MP currently serving in the Coalition Government, having voted against the Tory Whip 120 times – more than any other Conservative MP