Planet Circus Kids Channel 5

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Planet Circus Kids Channel 5 Interview Mark Whitney....

Planet Circus OMG have been touring the UK for 7 years.

The Hoffman family, who formed the circus, have been around for decades.

Naturally the circus is constantly on the road with limited access to school, so it’s a fascinating world behind the scenes for family life – especially for the children.

There’s no concessions for their young age and some perform from 2 years old. This new C5 documentary explores how things can get pretty grueling for everyone involved.

The documentary runs for three episodes and joins the kids as they navigate the opening of the 2017 season. It’s pretty full on, running seven days a week without a single day off.

Circus Kids: Our Secret World airs Thursday at 9pm.

Watch CIRCUS KIDS HERE via Channel 5. Book Live TICKETS HERE!.

Enjoy an interview with Mark Whitney from Planet Circus…

Mark Whitney has only ever worked in show business.

From Les Dawson to Su Pollard – from UK tours to pantomime, he’s done it all.

He now managers Planet Circus OMG across the UK and Stars in the new Channel 5 series.

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Interview 7th July 2017 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.