Pot Liquor Restaurant Review Town Square Las Vegas

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Pot Liquor Restaurant Review Town Square Las Vegas….

Pot Liquor is a unique restaurant located at the gorgeous Town Square opposite the airport.

Town Square is the oasis of dining and shopping calm on Las Vegas Boulevard.

With every store you will need, Pot Liquor is the new restaurant, less than a year old.

Specialising in the best BBQ – this restaurant gets the best of brisket from Texas, the best pulled pork recipes from Carolina & the top Ribs from Memphis.

What’s most refreshing about Pot Liquor is the views, the windows and natural light. So refreshing in Vegas. Topped with great food this is a wonderful restaurant.

You will not be disappointed at Pot Liquor Las Vegas…..

Pot Liquor Review Pot Liquor Review

The term ‘Pot Liquor’ comes from the deep south with mustard greens, turnip greens with pork product soaked. Truly authentic…..

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To begin I had to sample the grilled shrimp with (boudin noir) blood sausage. I have to say that was the best I’ve ever tasted. Such delicate flavour.

Next – all Brits love ‘Pork Scratchings’ – in the US it’s Pork Rind. Fabulous.

Finally to begin the ‘Pork Belly With Country Grits’ was divine – my favourite dish on the menu.

So tender and moist – just how belly should be cooked.

Notice the ‘Raspberry Tart’ in the background – refreshing and delicious.

Appetisers Pot Liquor Las Vegas Grilled Prawns Appetisers Pot Liquor Las Vegas Pork Rind Appetisers Pot Liquor Las Vegas Belly Pork

Pot Liquor do great salads.

The ‘Baby Rib Wedge Salad’ was a delight.

With  baby back ribs off the bone on top of a quarter of iceberg with diced tomatoes and cucumber topped with avocado – this was wonderfully refreshing and flavoursome.

This could easily make a wonderful meal on its own.

Salad Pot Liquor Las Vegas Review

The house special is the ‘Lord Have Mercy’ – why?….

Featuring the Carolina pulled pork, Texas brisket, two style of ribs (spare with dry rub & wet back babies) and the smoked chicken – this is a carnivores delight!

Finally the dish comes with Louisiana hot lakes sausage….

This is just the ‘taster’ portion for the review! It’s 3 times the size of this!

BBQ Pot Liquor Review Las Vegas

This comes with sauces Q 1-4.

There’s BBQ sauce – tangy, Q2 with spice! Q3 vinegar base and Q4 – an Alabama white sauce perfect for the chicken.

Pot Liquor also offer the XXX BBQ Sauce!

This has fabulous full favoured taste with the heat coming afterwards….

Sauces Pot Liquor Las Vegas Review

Next: The sides….

The 3 mac and cheese was a US treat.

Sweet potato fries made in house from scratch – my personal favourite!

Don’t miss the rice with blackeyed peas with a little enthused pork.

The yams (sweet potato) with marsh mellow ‘fluff’ all made in-house is another American speciality.

The greens with broth from the bloody Mary’s was truly packed with flavour….

Sides Pot Liquor Las Vegas (2) Sides Pot Liquor Las Vegas (3) Sides Pot Liquor Las Vegas (1)

Do NOT miss desserts…..

To begin a decronstructed key lime pie was a joy of a dish and beautifully presented.

The brownie bread pudding was also a new twist on 2 classics.

Finally the ‘Root Beer Flow’ left me utterly confused. Cookies, Ice-cream and a root beer in the same glass…..it’s certainly a talking point! lol

Desserts Pot Liquor Las Vegas (1) Desserts Pot Liquor Las Vegas Bread Pudding Dessert Pot Liquor Town Square

Pot Liquor is a rare exceptional and unique eatery in Las Vegas.

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Review by Alex Belfield 26th May 2015 for Celebrity Radio.