Punch-Drunk Comedy Club Nottingham

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Punch-Drunk Comedy Club Nottingham…

The newest comedy club in Nottingham offers the best value LIVE COMEDY ticket in the country!

Offering a 3+ hour night out – with 3 comics + host – you can’t fail to be impressed for just £12!

The bosses of ‘Punch-Drunk’ are offering nationally respected & successful comics to local audiences in Bulwell and around Nottingham.

The first two shows included Jared Christmas, Tom Wrigglesworth, Dalise Chaponda BGT, Steve Harris, Matt Reed, Kai Humphries & Elliot Steel.

We visited the Oakleigh Lodge in Bulwell for a sell-out, fun packed show in September.



The night is incredibly professionally organised. The sound is perfect – paramount for stand-up comedy.

This comedy is 100% 2017, but, the club ‘feel’ harks back to the good old days when clubs were packed on Monday night!

What a remarkable achievement! Who knew this was possible in 2017? Brilliant.

What’s also lovely is this local event supports local charities with a £2 donated from every ticket bought.

Doors open at 7pm and the show begins at 8pm. The bar is breath-taking value!

Naturally the comedians have strong language and subjects not suitable for children.

Congratulations to the guys behind Punch Drunk Nottingham for offering something new, great value and fun for the county. Brilliant.

Visit – Oakleigh Lodge, Nottingham, NG6 9DE. Email – [email protected]

Review by Alex Belfield at Celebrity Radio 11th September 2017.