Qua Baths And Spa Review At Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Qua Baths And Spa Review At Caesars Palace Las Vegas….

Qua Bath & Spa has been ranked 28th in Conde Nast Traveller’s 2013 Reader’s Poll of the top 100 Resort Spas in the United States!

Enjoy their famous ‘fountain of youth’ treatment:

During this traditional Shirodhara treatment, warm, healing botanical oils are slowly poured onto the “third eye” chakra, awakening the seat of intuition.

The oils are then massaged into your hair and scalp, followed by energy work to fully balance your chakras, and you leave this Las Vegas spa feeling youthful and relaxed.

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Belfield loves a fab Spa and ‘Qua’ at Caesars Palace is one of the biggest and best in Vegas! Alex went to talk to the general manager Shannon Stringert.

Qua is one of the best Spa experiences Belfield has ever encountered…..

Recorded 2009 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio and the BBC.

Located in the Augustus Tower, the 55,000-square-foot Qua Baths & Spa captures the true spirit of nature by bringing it indoors.

From its stone flooring and neutral-colored brick fixtures to the soothing sights and sounds of the water, you’ll forget you’re in the desert. The welcome hallway puts you at ease with its high ceilings, towering waterfalls and greenery. The feeling through this hallway is so serene, one might compare this atmosphere to the Garden of Eden.

Qua rejuvenates the mind, body and spirit with its emphasis on “aqua” and ancient spa rituals. Qua (which is Italian for “here”) evokes a lavish Romanesque ambiance.

The facility features 50 treatment rooms, which include 35 massage studios, three deluxe couple’s suites and seven facial rooms. Qua also offers three Vichy showers and even a Swarovski crystal body art room.

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