Queen Roger Taylor & Brian May Exclusive Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Queen Roger Taylor & Brian May Exclusive Interview…..

No-one will argue that Queen is one of the biggest, most successful and loved bands in the world – EVER!

Roger Taylor & Brian May were there from the start with Freddie Mercury to create some of the most memorable tunes in history including ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’, ‘Killer Queen’, ‘Under Pressure’ & the legendary ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

With Roger on drums, Brian on guitar and Freddie on vocals – they had the dream band.

In 2013/2014 the ‘new’ Queen rock band will be back on the road touring the world without Roger and Brian.

Enjoy two Exclusive interviews with Roger & Brian celebrating their lives, careers and unique impact on music and our lives.

Drummer Roger Taylor Queen Interview Queen Rock Band - Interviews Brian May & Roger Taylor @ We Will Rock You with Alex Belfield @ www.celebrityradio.biz Guitarist Queen Brian May Interview

Roger Taylor is currently promoting his new CD ‘Fun On Earth’….

Brian May has a passion for art and has recently been fighting to save the badger from being culled….

Here’s Roger & Ben Elton at We Will Rock You @ the Dominion Theatre in London’s West End…..

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Interviews recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio & the BBc.