Rattlecan Venetian Las Vegas CLOSED

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s review Rattlecan Venetian Las Vegas CLOSED…

Rattlecan is located on the casino floor at Venetian.

This is international Chef Sam Demarco’s newest restaurant.

This restaurant has a very urban New York feel combining cool food & amazing art.

Sam has invited the world’s top street and graffiti artists to tag every corner of the restaurant, creating a fascinating modern museum of 2013 art.

Rattlecan Closed at Venetian LAs Vegas Chef Sam Demarco Rattlecan Closed at Venetian LAs Vegas Chef Sam Demarco Rattlecan Closed at Venetian LAs Vegas Chef Sam Demarco

Here’s Belfield’s Exclusive interview with Chef Sammy D:

Sam has launched Rattlecan following the huge success of ‘First Food & Bar’ which is also located at the Venetian on the upper level.

Both restaurant have incredible outside views which is also very rare in Las Vegas.

So, the food! Start with some of Sam’s pickles – they’re totally delicious. Trust me Sam know’s his pickles, you won’t be disappointed!!!

As far as I’m concerned, Sam knows burgers and LOVES burgers better than any other Chef I’ve met. He totally gets what people want from the perfect burger.

Rattlecan Closed at Venetian LAs Vegas Chef Sam Demarco

His ‘sliders’ (pic 3 above) are the best in the world! Seriously, they’re a revelation! So juicy, tasty and fun! I just LOVE them!

Sam’s food is so much fun. Is naughty indulgence….the food we love made to an exceptional standard.

If you’re lucky enough to visit whilst Sam is working,

I guarantee it will add an extra level of fun to your meal. Sam is a huge personality, character and culinary Star. You can feel his huge personality in each of his restaurants.

Vegas needs more like Sam!

Sam now has restaurants on the East Coast, Australia, LA and Las Vegas.

He’s mastered the art of the perfect burger. He doesn’t add crap to the meat, he just gets great quality meat, amazing seasoning and then cooks it perfectly…sounds simple doesn’t it? How do so many places get it sooo wrong? Not at Rattlecan.

Rattlecan Closed Venetian Las Vegas

My personal favourite was the ‘RollEr Burger’ complete with Gruyere, Caramelized onions, Crouton, Sour Cream onion Spread on a Sesame Brioche roll – seriously, does life get any more sexy?

I highly recommend ‘The Bomber’ – it’s like Thanksgiving in a bun, a total taste sensation! It has to be tasted to be believed.

Don’t miss out on this very cool bar and restaurant.

Complete with top food, amazing art/graffiti & you can even ‘ride the pickle’ – hey now, what happens in Rattlecan……


Review Jan 2013 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.