Ray Galton And Alan Simpson Interview

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Ray Galton OBE (born 17 July 1930), and Alan Simpson OBE (born 27 November 1929), are British scriptwriters.

They met in 1948 whilst recuperating from tuberculosis at the Milford sanatorium, near Godalming in Surrey.

They based the sitcom Get Well Soon on their shared experiences at the facility.

They are best known for their work with comedian Tony Hancock on radio and television between 1954 and 1961, and their long-running television situation comedy, Steptoe and Son, eight series of which were aired between 1962 and 1974

They’ve worked with and written for EVERYONE from Tony Hancock to Les Dawson + the legendary sitcom ‘Steptoe & Son’.

Sadly Alan Simpson passed away in Feb 2017.

Galton and simpson interview Ray Galton & Alan Simpson Interview with Alex Belfield @ www.celebrityradio.biz Comedy Writers Galton and Simpson

In a rare 30 minute interview, the boys tell Belfield about their remarkable life and career:

In 1996 and 1997, comedian Paul Merton revived several Hancock’s Half Hour and other Galton and Simpson scripts for ITV to a mixed reception.

Also in 1997, Ray Galton’s Get Well Soon, based on his and Simpson’s early sanatorium experiences, was broadcast by the BBC.

Recorded 2006 by Alex Belfield for the BBC and Celebrity Radio.

Ray Galton & Alan Simpson Interview with Alex Belfield @ www.celebrityradio.biz

In October 2005, Galton and John Antrobus premiered their play Steptoe and Son in Murder at Oil Drum Lane at the Theatre Royal, York.

The play is set in the present day and relates the events that lead to Harold killing his father, and their eventual meeting thirty years later (Albert appearing as a ghost).

A series of old plays updated for modern times, entitled Galton and Simpson’s Half Hour, was broadcast on BBC Radio 2 in 2009.

The series of four episodes was made to celebrate the duo’s 60 year anniversary, and the cast consists of Frank Skinner, Mitchell and Webb, Rik Mayall, June Whitfield and Paul Merton. The successful Scandinavian television series Fleksnes Fataliteter and Albert & Herbert were based on Hancock’s Half Hour and Steptoe and Son.