Raymond And Mr Timpkins Revue Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Raymond And Mr Timpkins Revue Interview…

Raymond and Mr Timpkins are one of the cleverest, high energy, most polished double acts I’ve ever seen.

It’s fast paced, hysterical, brilliantly rehearsed and totally original. They’re a Vegas standard cabaret act revue touring the UK.

The charismatically-challenged uncle and mute nephew co-operative that is the Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue simply has to be seen to be believed. It is simply one of the funniest acts of the past 10 years.

Combining inimitable acoustic guitar and stylophone driven rock anthems with a plethora of prop-assisted material and some serial wordplay that would put Stephen Fry to shame, it comes together to create a comic masterpiece.

 Raymond and Mr Timpkins Live Cabaret Act Review and interview Raymond and Mr Timpkins interview

Hear an Exclusive interview with Raymond and Mr Timpkins recorded October 2014:

Together since 1992, their highly original performance approach has made them a rite of passage for students and established them as veterans of Edinburgh, Glastonbury, Phoenix and Reading festivals.

They have appeared on ITV’s ‘The Warehouse, BBC’s Lenny Beige’s Variety Pack, and are currently writing their own sitcom which has which people are waiting for with baited breath.

“A mad anarchic triumph of stupidity over style, not to be missed” – THE GUARDIAN

“Knockabout double0act with enough silliness to fill a pillow” – THE EVENNG STANDARD

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.